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Ces derniers jours, j'ai visité plusieurs projets de condominium. Les systèmes de chauffages offerts dans ces condos sont toujours les mêmes: les bonnes vieilles plinthes électriques situés au bas du mur pour bien assécher l'air. J'aimerais bien voir une certaine évolution de ce coté. Je pense surtout à la géothermie. Je ne vois que des avantages à cette source d'énergie, spécialement bien adaptée pour notre climat et pour les superficies supérieures à 2500 pieds carrés. Lorsque cette dernière condition est remplie, on rentabilise l'équipement rapidement. La chaleur et fraicheur du sol est puisé gratuitement. C'est rempli de bon sens.


À date, je répertorie seulement 3 projets de condos à Montréal offrant la géothermie.


Square Benny

Promoteur: Développements McGill



Maison Productive House

Promoteur: Produktif Studio de Design



Les Jardins de Westmount

Promoteur: Roland Hakim et associés



Pourquoi aussi peu promoteurs immobiliers offrent une telle technologie dans leurs projets de condominiums? En connaissez-vous les raisons? Si vous connaissez d'autres projet de condominiums avec géothermie, SVP partagez l'information.



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Geothermal isn't really geothermal in the traditional sense. What they are doing is using heat pumps except putting the outdoor side (hot side in summer, cold side in winter) with a underground coolant circuit to be a little more moderate over the year, say the ground source is 10 - 15 *C year-round instead of say -10*. It is a bit more economical than a traditional air-source heat pump since the delta T is lower but you have so much added complexity and capital cost that it doesn't seem to make sense in most cases. People talk of a payback period but they always compare to baseboards that consume much more energy than heat pumps do. It isn't like Iceland where they can easily access a ground source at 80-90 *C so they just pipe the water through radiators. In terms of condos it is surely a cost issue. Baseboards mean zero expense on condo fees and low capital expense. To use geothermal probably they are running one giant heatpump on the roof and that has big capital expense and then recurrent condo fees. But also - how would you adjust temperature in the individual units?

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This is a very interesting discussion forum that I just discovered and I am glad that the topic of geothermail energy is being discussed in the context of new condo construction. I would like to clarify a few items that the previous poster has mentioned regarding the benefits of geothermal energy for a residential condo building.


The heat pumps are decentralized and are individually distributed in each apartment in such a way that each resident would have his own heat pump controlled with its correspondent thermostat. Thus controlling the degree of comfort he or she wishes to have. Indeed it is correct that it is much more expensive upfront to put geothermal installations instead of straight baseboards instead of a window shaker air- conditioning unit. However, they are two completely different systems and philosophies which should not be compared directly.


In our experience when we installed the first geothermal system in Montreal for large installations in 1995 (please see the article below), we found that the initial cost of the geothermal energy system was less than a traditional system while also offering the benefit of being approximately 70% less costs in terms of energy consumption; not to mention the reduced ecological footprint that such a system provides.


In the case of residential construction, in our project Selby: Jardins Westmount the initial installation of a decentralized geothermal system is far more expensive than a straightforward baseboard system but as everything else in the project, the philophy is not the same as in regular condos. We are offering top of the line construction features such as triple glazed windows, the geothermal sytem, and many other ecological and sustainable construction features that would save the condo owners a lot of money in the long term while keeping the price per square foot very competitive.




Roland Hakim, Eng.

SelbyCampus Inc.





Edited by Roland Hakim
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