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Interesting article, Gazette, Jul 25, 1962:




I remember looking on the BANQ website and seeing strange pictures of cars around the Metropolitan, I think one was a '62 Chevrolet or so, with some equipment, and the like. Ah now I think I understand what was going on!


Cars flying off the top of the Met, hilarious if one ignores the probable injuries...


Note also the 55 mph (88 km/h) speed limit... 10 mph reduction, 45 mph = 72 km/h and why today we are stuck with 70.


Comment, Aug 22:



"many people mistake this roadway with one like the Auto-Route" :rotfl:


One interesting thing is that the road was apprarently planned and mostly built by the Montreal Metropolitan Corporation, which was its only project, and financed via tax levies on the municipalities, some which were collected, but then, transferred to the province (MVQ?) who paid the cost in conjunction with some federal assistance under the TCH program, and then the municipalities had to pay back their citizens, while the old MTC had no jurisdiction and was prohibited by law (!) to build a subway...

Aug 1960:



1960, Transit plan!



1955, congested Decarie - Cote de Liesse circle needs solution:



Ha the stupid thing is still there they just added some flyovers :D And random tractor vs streetcar accident.


Planning article, suggest 17 mile central section to cost 20 MM $, Financial Post, 1952:



It suggests a 12-lane artery. There isn't really anything like that there, it is basically 6 lane with Cremazie and Cote de Liesse on the sides but that hardly counts...

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