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1. Munich, Germany

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Zurich, Switzerland

4. Tokyo, Japan

5. Helsinki, Finland

6. Stockholm, Sweden

7. Paris, France

8. Vienna, Austria

9. Melbourne, Australia

10. Madrid, Spain

11. Berlin, Germany

12. Sydney, Australia

13. Honolulu, USA

14. Fukuoka, Japan

15. Geneva, Switzerland

16. Vancouver, Canada

17. Barcelona, Spain

18. Oslo, Norway

19. Montreal, Canada

20. Auckland, New Zealand

21. Singapore, Singapore

22. Portland, USA

23. Kyoto, Japan

24. Hamburg, Germany

25. Lisbon, Portugal


Montreal did not move from its 2009 spot. Montreal use to be 16th back in 2008. Plus in 2007 we were 12th out of 20.



Trams could help get this car-loving city on track for the top.


I will try and get the rest of the article.

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Hilarious! If Toronto had of been on this list and not Montréal there would be a million comments about how Montréal sucks! Since we're on the list and not Toronto.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! The usual whiners have nothing to say!


Same goes for any other good news: no comment.


Any bad news? END OF THE WORLD !! MONTRÉAL/QUÉBEC SUCKS!! This is the ONLY place where bad news happens lol!!!

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There’s a lot Montréal gets right. Its designers and architects are at the forefront of new ideas about sustainable urban living. Some of the city’s once dormant, rough edges have been converted into thriving hubs for hi-tech firms. But Montréal has banked for too long on its existing assets and the low cost of living relative to other North American cities. Meanwhile, it’s neglected an ageing, car-centric infrastructure and the need for more green space. This is now starting to change with bold plans for a tramline, new parks, more pedestrian and bike routes, and sustainable housing projects.There’s no shortage of creative thinking here – politicians just need to start listening and putting that intellectual capital to use.


(Courtesy of Monocle)


I just subscribed now. Seeing I have yet to find the July issue in any stores here. I hope to get the magazine within a few weeks. I can't wait to read it.

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Population: 1.6 million; greater metropolitan area, 3.6 million. International flights: 49 intercontinental and 72 international. Crime: murders, 31; domestic break-ins, 10,838. Sunshine: annual average, 2,029 hours. Public transport: the city is debating plans to create a 12.5km tram/light-rail line servicing downtown. Bixi, Montréal’s bike-share programme, the first of its kind in North America, has proved a huge success after only one year. Green space: despite some generous urban parks, only 3.3 per cent of Montréal Island is green space. Environmental issues: the city is rolling out a new recycling bin scheme that aims to raise waste diversion from 53 to 70 per cent within two years. Culture: 45 cinemas, 251 screens. How easy is it to start a business? The city needs to do more to promote entrepreneurship – it’s falling behind Vancouver and Toronto in new business start-ups. Chain test: Zara, 2; Starbucks, 38. Key upcoming developments: a c$167m (€129m) project to convert a downtown red-light district into a culture and entertainment hub, dubbed Quartier des Spectacles (QDS). Monocle fix: greenlight the tramway.


(Courtesy of Monocle)

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Green space: despite some generous urban parks, only 3.3 per cent of Montréal Island is green space.


Ouin je crois qu'ils sont un peu dans le champ ici. Montreal avait 3% de milieux naturels protégés en 2004, mais ça excluait tous les parcs de quartier. Aujourd'hui on parle de 5%.


Mais si on parle de "green space (espaces verts)" c'est surement plus près de 10%.

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