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    I searched MTLURB for any news regarding Ferme Angrignon, but couldn't turn anything up. My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere.


    I know Ferme Angrignon was shut down in 2008, ostensibly to bring it back up to code, to be reopened in 2010... but while this information was all over the place two years ago, all mentions of Ferme Angrignon's re-opening have been removed on all the official Montreal sites I have checked.


    The VdeM site unhelpfully states "La Ferme Angrignon est fermée."


    Has anyone heard any news?

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    It used to be the winter housing for the zoo in Parc Lafontaine (rmember that?) but in more recent years it was more of a petting zoo, administered by the Jardin Botanique.


    In looking for a description for you, I think I found the answer to my question - no budget for this year. A shame.

    "Attention : La ferme Angrignon est fermée cette année, car aucune somme n'est prévue au budget 2010 pour ce projet. Les panneaux sur le terrain seront enlevés prochainement."



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    So I noticed a story last week in the Gazette (cryptofascist birdcage liner though it may be, it's still the only English paper in this City so I check it out now and then)...


    Ferme Angrignon has no budget for this year, and its fate will be decided once and for all when the next budget comes out.

    I'm guessing it'll be closed for good.



    I have to say, it always struck me as strange that a city with the size and history of Montreal doesn't have a decent-sized Natural History museum or zoo. And no, the Redpath and the Biodome don't count; they're fun but very rinkydink.

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