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Sur SSP, merci à Ashok :







This is for the land currently owned by Provigo on the corner of de Maisonneuve and Claremont on the south east corner. There was a public consultation for residents and the following is the project:


30k square feet for grocery store (Provigo Urban concept)


10 apartments for families of kids who are staying at hospital

Office space for Children's foundation


255 senior apartments for 55+ from le Groupe Maurice


Not a very nice looking building!

10 story building


Construction summer/fall 2015

Opening 2017-2018

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From the Westmount Independent:


It’s been talked about for years: Development of the vacant property at the southwest corner of de Maisonneuve and St. Catherine at the foot of Claremont. Now plans have been unveiled for a Provigo store to be built as part of a proposed 10- storey residential complex targeting seniors.


While the project would rise entirely in NDG, the new building would straddle the border with Westmount. The plan calls for a ground-level grocery store with a mezzanine and nine storeys of residential units. The mezzanine will include offices for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation along with accommodation for out-of-town visitors to patients at the nearby MUHC super-hospital. Underground parking is planned for 200 cars. “This is still a work in progress, but it is what we are proposing at this point,” said Johanne Héroux, Provigo senior communications and public affairs director.


She told the Independent last week that 250 notices had been sent out to nearby Westmount residents inviting them to an information meeting for presentation of the plan Tuesday, February 24 at 7:30 pm at 5035 de Maisonneuve, after presstime. A similar session was planned for NDG residents the previous day. “With its multi-purpose vocation, this project will make a positive difference not only in your neighbourhood but in everyone’s hearts,” the notice stated. Listed as partners in the project are La Groupe Maurice, which designs and builds residential complexes for retirees, and the MCH Foundation. Asked if an NDG zoning change might be required, Héroux would say only that “negotiations with the city are under way.”


Westmount’s view


While approval of the project lies with NDG, of particular concern to Westmount officials is traffic impact and the proposed access to the new building’s underground garages off St. Catherine, where the roadway and sidewalk lie in Westmount as does the intersection of de Maisonneuve. An interior docking area for delivery trucks would enable them to drive in and turn around inside before exiting back onto St. Catherine. Cars, however, would leave by de Maisonneuve. “It’s an interesting project that provides services to our community,” said Councillor Christina Smith, who represents the adjacent District 5. “But we need to take more time to study the impact on the neighbourhood. It’s already at a corner that’s under a lot of stress.” Smith told the Independent she had met recently with Provigo representative Véronique Alepin to learn about the project along with Councillor Theodora Samiotis, Urban Planning commissioner, and Urban Planning director Joanne Poirier. She noted that on St. Catherine St., the new building would come right up to the west sidewalk, “so one would hope it’s up for discussion with Westmount even though St. Catherine is an arterial road.” She said Westmount would be conducting a traffic study on the situation. Mayor Peter Trent said he planned to meet with Côte des Neiges-NDG borough mayor Russell Copeman once the traffic study is completed.


The current development proposal is a modified version of one of three options presented a year ago to a small group of NDG residents (see story February 11, 2014, p. 6).

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La base est horrible et la section ondulée ne parait pas à sa place... Heureusement que c'est pas au C-V.


En dehors de la base à gauche qui mériterait d'être mieux travaillée, j'aime bien.

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I'm alright with this project. Only concern is about this stretch of de Maisonneuve near Vendome is that it's a major pedestrian & cyclist zone - especially during the summer. I hope the city takes this into consideration & implements proper traffic planning before giving approval - this project will surely bring even more cars/trucks to already heavily congested area.

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      Ritz-Carlton Montreal
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