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  1. ^ One hopes. The old station, the unfinished Saint Hubert Street portion of the UQAM project, and the poor metro connection are all blights that continue to impact the neighborhood. Maybe if this "Zenith" project is successful, the dam will burst and the projects will flow.
  2. Hadn't realized just how massive this will appear on the horizon. Not even halfway to its full height and already it's very imposing.
  3. orages lointains

    Métro: Ligne Rose

    2029???? How is that ambitious?? People should be utterly sickened and outraged that this is considered remotely normal.
  4. Slow days. Is this a 2021 occupancy?
  5. I'm glad this is moving ahead (apparently). The idea of lousing the Bourbon building only to have the lot sit vacant for a decade is too distressing to be forced to contemplate. I guess if construction continues apace, we'll probably see occupancy in another ~14 months?
  6. Enfin, le résultat final n'est pas aussi minable qu'on ne craignait. That entrance way is very attractive. Everyone loves the density here, but a little discussed element is the street wall. So, thanks mondo grosso for the photos. I hope we'll soon start to see projects on the other side of Bleury. Sait-on qu'est ce qui se passe chez le stationnement à côté du Smith? Il a l'air en transition, soit refection soit pré-démolition.
  7. Franglais "really really" or "truly truly"
  8. I love all these projects more than I do the towers. It has always driven me crazy what a wasteland all these blocks south of Sainte-Cath and north of René Lévesque were. So far, only Bishop has been restored. Soon, Crescent will be nearly complete, and Drummond could be fixed by 2022 with some luck. MacKay is coming along as well. Prime areas still abound, unfortunately. Nothing at all in the mix on Montagne or Stanley, and still several lots on the other streets (aside from Bishop). With the completion of the Overdale areas, hopefully things pick up on MacKay.
  9. Should have been much taller.
  10. I'll say it again: I love how menacing this building is. Like the headquarters the evil company from the Final Fantasy video games.
  11. ^ wow, the first photo, I had no idea what I was looking at until I saw the McGill College Building roof (today called the Arts Building for some stupid reason).
  12. Absurdly low rise, but better than a parking lot.
  13. It's bland, but it's not evil or infernal. Acceptable, and great density.
  14. ^ Yeah, it's so terrible to have lots of affordable housing in a dense area near transit and work.
  15. Yeah, it would be a terrible shame to demolish all of these buildings.