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  1. What a waste of a prime lot. Again, more Condos..Would be nice to have construction that can house high-quality commercial tenants. Then again, with Legault's new plan to battle the serious threat of Bonjour-Hi, I think we'll now have to wait much longer on the new investment front...
  2. Would be curious to know as well!
  3. Now that's more like it. Considering its neighbours, a 21 storey box on this site made no sense.
  4. Been lurking on this forum since it opened, and on skyscraperpage a couple years before. Still pinching myself every time there's a new project above 100m in Montreal - so happy our city is finally turning around. Now if we could only get rid of that absurd mount royal height limit...
  5. I'm generally pro-development (really, who isn't on this board ?) Having said so, I would prefer Concordia or the city outright buy the existing building, knock it down, and make the lot a focal point for the downtown campus. Would be a pretty sweet public square or park and help Concordia gain a bit more of a 'campus' feel rather than a boring collection of office buildings. There is a prime lot across the street on De Maisonneuve perfect for a high-rise.
  6. Off-topic, I know - but also Hong Kong! (oh Colonialism)
  7. Entièrement d'accord! La signalisation routière en Europe est beaucoup plus façile à comprendre..
  8. Is Quebec planning on adopting some European (non-MUTCD) highway signage ? Note the '70' speed limit sign on the photo.
  9. Pathetic. I would prefer no development on this site and wait for a more ambitious promoter. Otherwise, this is a complete waste of a prime lot!
  10. I really liked this tower. Until some asshat on the forum pointed out the resemblance to a USB key from a certain angle. Now cannot unsee.
  11. My apologies if this is off-topic - Does anyone know why high-rises in Montreal are typically built mainly using concrete rather than steel ? Steel seems to be the material of choice around the world. You would think it would be more affordable here as well, considering Canada is a key natural resource producer.
  12. This building is great. Was worried for a while that it would top out below 1250's initial setback, which no longer appears to be the case. Now, here's hoping the second tower gets built.