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  1. Good work. Love the idea of extending the REM two stations in the west to John Abbott College and Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, which IMO is just common sense. Parking has always been an issue in Ste-Anne's and the train would greatly relieve this & not to mention attract people from all over Montreal who could simply hop on a train for a nice day trip. McGill should be lobbying hard for this extension as well as it would bring a rapid connection directly from their main campus to Macdonald College. This would be a win-win-win for Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, John Abbott as well as McGill University.
  2. For the love of god please someone tear this building down before some idiot claims it as a heritage property!
  3. fantastic! this is just what the montreal skyline needs & in no way takes anything away from mount royal. hope coderre sees this!
  4. Bureau en Gros are either going to have start charging $200 for some post-its, or shut this location down. Me thinks its days are numbered here.
  5. Interesting video, but not sure I entirely agree with voiceover dude. Many New Yorkers I've met absolutely hate the freedom tower, and see the structure as an inferior version of what was destroyed on 9/11, definitely not the symbolism they were looking for as a worthy replacement of the WTC. Another thing he didn't mention was FAA regulations in the states. NYC is located near three major airports & as such is in a very busy air traffic zone. This has an impact on building heights as well.
  6. Curious to see the renderings. Despite its ugly interior, the McDo occupies a building with some interesting architectural features. Hope the exterior is preserved as much as possible. Off-topic, but I hope one day a developer un-modernises the building across the street from this project, transformed sometime in the 60s or 70s. (https://www.instantstreetview.com/@45.495808,-73.576954,80.3h,24.12p,0.06z) A pic was posted on this forum a while back featuring its classic design & resembling a bit the old chapters building on ste-catherine, or the google building at ste-cath/mcgill colle
  7. Only problem with the Grey Nuns property is that it's far away from the heart of the SGW campus, being the Hall building where the majority of teaching activities occur. Last I heard, Grey Nuns was only being used as a student residence & for a limited amount of courses. Apparently the green space is now (well pre-COVID anyways) accessible to anyone from Concordia rather than just students in residence. A few times security booted me out of the Grey Nuns park because I wasn't living in residence...
  8. It's bad news for Concordia. The downtown campus would have truly benefited from the added green space brought by a new park. Also, too bad they are not integrating the adjacent Grey Stone building. Have a sneaking suspicion that one day that building will have a sudden fire & will be knocked down for yet another condo development.
  9. The pigeons will certainly make use of this spot. Especially with all the morons feeding them right outside the tim hortons
  10. Agreed! I ate at their Ottawa & Toronto locations many times. Really excited for them to open up in Montreal.
  11. Too bad.. This would have been a beautiful project!
  12. Montreal will one day regret its 'think small' attitude towards high-rises. Quebec City will have Le Phare at 250M, Brossard or Laval will probably beat us to it locally. Now that the economy is strong & political stability has returned, developers are willing to invest money here in quality projects. Aesthetically, a few 250-300M towers placed correctly will in no way harm views to/from our precious little mountain. Such a ridiculous regulation.
  13. Not disputing your claim, however what is your source on this? If Laval, Longueuil, or Westmount wanted to okay a 300 meter tower, the city of Montreal as far as I know, has no jurisdiction.
  14. If I were a Pigeon, I'd be thrilled for this project. So much fresh balcony space to ruin! The neighbour directly across the street from this project runs some sort nasty of pigeon farm. https://www.google.com/maps/@45.4925139,-73.5807785,3a,47.5y,289.6h,100.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sGnUGoN7vDItkug6XdsgFXQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  15. You've got a good point, I do remember the ad. However from now on whenever I think about the project, rather than prestige - which is what they were trying to sell, all that comes to mind is tackiness.
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