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  1. Montreal will one day regret its 'think small' attitude towards high-rises. Quebec City will have Le Phare at 250M, Brossard or Laval will probably beat us to it locally. Now that the economy is strong & political stability has returned, developers are willing to invest money here in quality projects. Aesthetically, a few 250-300M towers placed correctly will in no way harm views to/from our precious little mountain. Such a ridiculous regulation.
  2. Not disputing your claim, however what is your source on this? If Laval, Longueuil, or Westmount wanted to okay a 300 meter tower, the city of Montreal as far as I know, has no jurisdiction.
  3. If I were a Pigeon, I'd be thrilled for this project. So much fresh balcony space to ruin! The neighbour directly across the street from this project runs some sort nasty of pigeon farm.,-73.5807785,3a,47.5y,289.6h,100.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sGnUGoN7vDItkug6XdsgFXQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  4. You've got a good point, I do remember the ad. However from now on whenever I think about the project, rather than prestige - which is what they were trying to sell, all that comes to mind is tackiness.
  5. At the price they are charging, they better throw in some of the good stuff to better enjoy the view as part of the welcome package! hehe
  6. On se calme...I get they are trying to sell you a lifestyle, but this is a bit overkill.. cringeworthy
  7. I must be getting old - I remember the days on skyscraperpage when people celebrated the construction of the very unimpressive roc fleuri, concorde or louis boheme.
  8. Those balconies will be home to so many pigeons...
  9. What a waste of a prime lot. Again, more Condos..Would be nice to have construction that can house high-quality commercial tenants. Then again, with Legault's new plan to battle the serious threat of Bonjour-Hi, I think we'll now have to wait much longer on the new investment front...
  10. Would be curious to know as well!
  11. Now that's more like it. Considering its neighbours, a 21 storey box on this site made no sense.
  12. Been lurking on this forum since it opened, and on skyscraperpage a couple years before. Still pinching myself every time there's a new project above 100m in Montreal - so happy our city is finally turning around. Now if we could only get rid of that absurd mount royal height limit...
  13. I'm generally pro-development (really, who isn't on this board ?) Having said so, I would prefer Concordia or the city outright buy the existing building, knock it down, and make the lot a focal point for the downtown campus. Would be a pretty sweet public square or park and help Concordia gain a bit more of a 'campus' feel rather than a boring collection of office buildings. There is a prime lot across the street on De Maisonneuve perfect for a high-rise.
  14. Off-topic, I know - but also Hong Kong! (oh Colonialism)
  15. Entièrement d'accord! La signalisation routière en Europe est beaucoup plus façile à comprendre..