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Under heavy renovation at the moment. They are adding new street-level locations despite 75% availability (only the SAQ remains) and the Stylexchange failure. Will they shake off the cockroach stigma?






This next picture shows flooring being put on top of the old bagel place.




New Taiwanese place where Grumman used to be



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New Taiwanese place where Grumman used to be



I think it's not new, it just move from the opposite end of the food court.

This said, the food court is really sad looking, so little restaurants are left, the latest ones to close is the Subway and the pizza joint.

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Remember Les Terraces? What a mess! It was like playing 3-D chess: cool idea but really annoying. That's the difference between "classic" architecture (that stands the test of time) and "flavour of the week," like the Faubourg

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Les propriétaires de ce centre commercial n'ont pas le choix s'ils veulent profiter de la renaissance de la rue Ste-Catherine. Ils doivent donc investir pour mettre à niveau cette grande surface, en tentant d'attirer au passage des commerces originaux, afin de se démarquer de la compétition. Donc un facelift s'impose et contrairement à un visage humain, en construction tout est toujours possible.

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