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36 Hours in Montreal.


CANADA’S second-largest city may be the second-largest French-speaking metropolis on the planet (after Paris), but the attention lavished on its Frenchness — Bistros! Baguettes! People saying “Bonjour”! — tends to nudge aside the many other ethnic communities within Montreal’s remarkably diverse urban sprawl. Italians, Portuguese and Lebanese have a very visible presence, and the city hosts annual festivals dedicated to everything from Asian-American films to Caribbean food. Throw in a pulsing alternative community and creative scene (this is a place that engendered talents as diverse as Saul Bellow, Arcade Fire and the irrepressible William Shatner), and a whole new Montreal opens up. Whether your passion is Syrian cuisine, contemporary art or vintage shopping, Montreal is serving it up with aplomb. C’est vrai...




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seriously sick of all this "frenchness" bullshit ... montreal is as much like paris as cleveland is to london ... not that there's anything wrong with the french but it's just not who we are .. we have as much, if not more to offer americans and it's high time the tourism bureau acts to correct this skewed perception which is no doubt hurting us

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Pedepy ... what are you talking about ? Have you even read the article ? Ill take anything that promotes this city, its an honor ...:confused:


That's right.


Le "frenchness" est un atout qui est vendeur auprès des américains, et même des européens. Pourquoi s'en passer?? Bien sûr, Mtl c'est plus que ça, mais c'est une caractéristique incontournable et qui nous permet de nous distinguer très fortement de toutes les autres villes nord-américaines. Shit, on se bat avec les meilleures armes que l'on a, et celle-ci en est une!

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