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Santiago Calatrava a construit le superbe Puente de la mujer à Buenos Aires il y a quelques années...C'est drôle comment on pense des fois que la belle architecture, c'est pour les "riches". Tout ce secteur de Puerto Madero (l'équivalent de notre Vieux Port) dans la capitale argentine a été rénové avec grand goût.



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Meh I'm not too impressed with Calatrava, and anyway we could find someone here to make something nicer :D


I'm with Cyrus on this one. Not that Calatrava's work isn't amazing...it is, it's just I find that the best designs come from designers who have an intimate knowledge of the structure's setting and can integrate the design into the overall atmosphere of the city.

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The new bridge will cross part of Nuns' Island that features several archeological sites, including the farm of 17th-century merchant and seigneur Jacques Le Ber and a pre-historic Amerindian site. The nature of the latter "is delicate: the burial site of an Amerindian child was found here, conferring a sacred status to this ground for Kahnawake Mohawks," the pre-feasibility study said. Bridge plans will have to be approved by Quebec's culture department, the city of Montreal and the Mohawk community.


Am I the only one having difficulties with this particular aspect of the project ? If the previous state of relationship between the Mohawks and us is any indication, we're looking for trouble here and this part of the project might be more difficult to deal with than any other !!!


What if the Mohawks decide the case of preservation of the burial ground is not negociable ? What if we ("we" = the "Pale Faces") don't treat this file with due respect ? I'm seeing here a potential new crisis between our two communities !!!

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