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  2. Looks great! Maybe this hot new building will shame the Aecom office building into doing something with that awful blank wall. And thanks to all who posted updated pics...I haven't been there in a while and it's interesting to see the progress.
  3. Thanks for the pics! I was wondering how things were progressing. Do you know if they're still on track for the completion date?
  4. I hope they do it! Interesting they included Habitat 67 with the Eiffel tower in the contest
  5. What do you think? Good points, or picking at the details?
  6. jesseps: hehe concrete jungle...good one. Had to comment, it made me smile. Davidbourque: The same reasoning you used about the many varieties of trees would be the one I would use for the tree stability. A tree that has a mature height of less than 7 m has a very slight chance of blowing over, no matter how windy it is since it's not top heavy. Also I think in the article it described how the architect designed the building to protect each section of plant material. I think it's a great idea, although not sure like the others how aesthetic it would be in real life. There may be a lot of maintenance involved as well with branches and leaves falling and different diseases, etc, but it's definitely worth the effort. In most cases any kind of green space will soften the impact of a building and make it more welcoming. It will be interesting to see this effect vertically!
  7. There are WAY too many opportunities in this country for anyone to be sitting around protesting inequalities. My advice for them: Go to a country where they ACTUALLY lack any kind of resources to better themselves and protest there. To protest here is like a slap in the face for the people in countries where there is a justifiable reason to protest.
  8. I'm sure Montreal has its own share of problems, and Montreal natives would have firsthand experiences with perhaps the less attractive attributes of the city but those visiting have an altogether different viewpoint. I would have to say I'm not surprised that Montreal is gaining attention and acclaim world-wide. There is something so uniquely compelling about this city that I cannot define or pinpoint. Other cities have history, they have a heritage, they have prestige, but for some reason Montreal blends all of these with a fierce and proud patriotism that can only cause admiration from onlookers. Maybe those born in this environment don't realize what a treasure they possess, but I can speak with these Texans and agree wholeheartedly that being in Montreal is like being in a relationship...the more you get to know her, the more you love her.
  9. I just thought his story was so inspirational and unique. How many of us would benefit from a global perspective like his? Maybe some people demonstrating about insubstantial issues would put their grievances to rest if they encountered people persevering in much harsher conditions.
  11. Keep us updated after the show. This looks great!
  12. Beautiful exterior! Not so sure about the interior...but hey, it's not the part I'll be seeing everyday
  13. Newbie: I feel for you. Nothing worse than authority figures who flounce their power, especially when you're in the right. Like you said, it happens everywhere, but it's frustrating when officials have two different answers and you have to suffer the consequences. My BIL went through the same process when he immigrated here from Venezuela - red tape galore! But my sister was his spokesperson and she was firm and persistant and he got his status (finally!) after a few bumps. The main thing is to be completely open and upfront with these people and don't let them push you over. I understand you don't want to ruffle any feathers, but there's a difference between being firm and confrontational. From the previous comments it looks like you know how to avoid a confrontation! Bravo That takes a lot of maturity. And I hope you stay in Canada, we need more people like you.
  14. ... No disrespect to your 'office job', but finance is the bones and gristle of every company. Necessary for functionality, the core of growth etc. etc. Just in case you misinterpreted, VERY IMPORTANT. But soulless; finance doesn't need any kind of stimuli, and kind of creative outlet, any kind of inspiring location to function. Take São Paulo for instance. A financial centre? Absolutely. Nationally critical? Definitely. Heart and soul of Brazil? Way off.