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  1. MartinMtl your pictures are AWESOME !!!!!!!!
  2. Cape Town is currently on the 2nd place with the 3'5 % of the votes, and Montreal with the 4'8 %. So your prediction is real. Montreal vs Cape town .... lol
  3. Hey !!! nIce captures !!! From where did you take the firts picture?¿?¿
  4. Wow....Montreal is on the firsst place with the 4,8% of the votes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Paris and London. I vote for: Montreal, barcelona and Berlin . Barcelona is the 14 th, and Berlin is not in the top 20, so please, vote for the cultural and underground capital of Europe !!!!!!! :-)
  5. O_O Awesome.... Tokyo is really large !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What a beautiful pictures.......really nice set!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing !
  7. Great pictures man !!!!!! Love the first one !!!!!!!!!! Great use of HDR.
  8. Oh my god....perfect pictures...love the second one, the third one and also the number 6. Great pictures man !!!!!!!! Thank you !
  9. Some pictures remind me Montreal...Nice work !!!!!
  10. As I can see thye weird positions work !!!!!!!!!! Ver very very nice shots. Love the first two HDR......nad also the Hdr of Le 400 in construction. Ver well done!!! tHANK YOU VERY MUCH !
  11. In Barcelona we have a very simmilar program. It's called BICING. Our bike sharing program was created before the Paris one. As WestAust said: 1) everybody wants a bike to commute to work in the morning, so in the office district, the "parking" gets full quite rapidly with no more spaces available, which create a shortage in some areas during the day, and an overflow in others. 2) lots of vandalism to the bikes, graffitis, people leaving the bikes in the middle of nowhere and the police have to take them off the street and bring them back to a bike parking. In our case the second point is not true. To take a bike you have to insert your personal "bicing" card, if not you can't take a bike, so it's impossible to take a bike without the card. The screen: The card: The cart cost 24 euros for one year. You can take a bike for half an hour, and if you spend mor time you'll pay 30 cnts. for each 30 minutes. (After 2 hours you will pay 50 euros...) The Bicing service is open from 5 am to 2 pm, and Friday and Saturdays all day. As you can see in the map there are a lot of different stops around the city, all of them perfectly combined with the metro stations: Its a very good idea.
  12. Love the last four pictures... The light on the picture called " Bell et Banque National" is great ..... I like the density !!!!!! Thank's!
  13. The height of the twin towers is 154m . Yea WestAwst...Hotel Arts is a very nice place... the view is awesome.
  14. Great pictures, nice colour and tones....I love paris