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  1. Bonjour à tous! Je me rend bien compte que Montréal n'est pas vraiment représenté à l'international sur des sites populaires, comme,, et Depuis deux semaines, je tente de présenter nos projets au reste du monde et ainsi leur rappeler que Montréal existe. J'ai créé quelques fils sur Je vous invite à aller mettre vos commentaires et répondre aux autres. Projets présentés sur SSC: Hilton Garden Inn 701 University 900 De Maisonneuve Ouest Louis Bohème Westin Montréal Tour Québécor Les Diamants Le Crystal de la Montagne
  2. J'avais du temps libre aujourd'hui, les examens de mi-session étant presque tous passé il faisait beau, bien sûr! 333 sherbrooke Le Montmarte Le colisée Hilton Garden louis-bohème Quartier international Westin Bell et banque nationale Québécor
  3. Le 400 Sherbrooke Ouest Architectes: Geiger Huot Architectes Fin de la construction:2008 Utilisation: Hôtel/Résidentiel Emplacement: Centre-ville, Montréal ? mètres - 35 étages Description: - Plus grosse construction à Montréal depuis 1992.
  4. Website: and Description and pictures below taken from The Vered Group’s next upcoming project will be located in a stunning setting along the riverfront, in the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro. Facing the water and surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds, this refined residential condo building will be the perfect address for those seeking a peaceful suburban environment while enjoying easy access to everything urban life has to offer. Location: 14750 Gouin Blvd West, Pierrefonds (Quebec) H9H 1B2 The project will feature: - 60 stylish 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos - Scenic waterfront location with direct views of the river - Professionally landscaped grounds - Indoor and outdoor amenities for residents’ exclusive use - Modern minimalist lobby and lounge - Unique indoor, outdoor garden experience - Indoor garage and visitor parking, - Elevator - Spacious balconies and patios - High ceilings - Storage locker available - Open concept designer kitchen - Hardwood floors (engineered) - Most units offer 2 luxurious bathrooms, featuring separate baths and showers
  5. Vous conaissez ma formule préférée : (beau temps) + (temps libre) = tournée photos! Hilton Garden Le Concorde 350 Maisonneuve Montréal ? Ou New York? Hilton Garden(bis) On fermerait un pont pour moins que ça... photos (pas de chantiers) 1440 de la montagne...ça regarde mal pour le projet autres photos (pas de chantiers) Crystal de la montagne encore d'autres photos (pas de chantiers) Bloc Urbain
  6. Voici les photos :-) Mettez les votres ici!!
  7. MONTREAL'S FIRST 100% GREEN CONDO AND TOWNHOUSE PROJECT Overview Located minutes from Montreal’s downtown core and the historic Atwater Market, Maison Productive House (MpH) is a contemporary, green living project that offers a contemporary architecture that makes sustainable urban living bountiful and verdant. At Maison Productive House empowers consumers to live intelligently. Maison Productive House offers you two housing choices to meet you specific needs, Condo and Townhouse. Each unity offers a contemporary and green design that is both rich in space and refined in its architecture. MpH residences offer a privileged, refined living environment, which is refined and avant-garde. MpH perpetuates the exceptional architectural style with the most advanced Green (sustainable living) elements. MpH is Montreal’s first ecological design that seeks carbon-neutrality and addresses various productive aspects of a responsible lifestyle: alternative energy, food garden, active transportation, more personal productivity and leisure time. Here are some of the design principles that inspired the vision for the MpH Its walking distance from Charlevoix metro station Amenities MpH is very green. Its infrastructure can contribute to the environment instead of being as drain upon it. Maison Productive House seeks a LEED® Platinum certification and follows zero-emission development (ZED) design principles. What is unique about the MpH project is that it is Novoclimat® certified, uses Solar Panel and Geo-thermal energy; includes EnergyStar® appliances, dual-flush toilets and radiant heated floors. Additional examples of this unique project include: Onsite garden Custom-built doors kitchens and stairways using FSC or reclaimed wood or bottles No use of VOC products in lacquers, and natural fibers wherever possible (insulation, wall structure). Social and productive spaces, mixing ecological and social functions, such as: its year-round greenhouse, sauna, meditation room, and laundry room recovering grey waters and balcony. The sauna is strategically placed to allow for voluntary heat loss that directly will benefit the otherwise passively heated (solar) greenhouse. The greenhouse is supplied with recouped rainwater and filtered gray water for irrigation. Other amenities include: - Attention to linkages between outdoor and indoor spaces with the innovation of SunSpaces and ample roof, garden and balcony spaces for social interaction and growing. - Artisan bakery integrated into the residential development - Creation of possible income-streams to owners through rental spaces - Proximity to public transportation and the provision of a shared car service - Both inside and outside the greenhouse, the roof is maximized for growing vegetables. Cold-frames are integrated in the roof balustrade with seasonal covers to extend the growing season. - This social gathering area will have all the amenities for Bar-B-Qs, sun-bathing and gardening. - The Sauna uses an electrically-powered design which utilizes pine wood and is large enough for 4-6 people. - In addition to the roof greenhouse, every owner has their own private plot for growing fruits and vegetables in the garden as well as access to a fruit orchard and a herbal garden. - Water filtration systems: Units 2,4 and laundry room have recycled gray waters. Also personal units are supplied with carbon filters in the kitchen counters to provide the cleanest possible drinking water. backview They say they have 55% sold. It seems like they have 3-4 condos [only 1 left] (each are 3.5 equalling 809 sq.ft) and there is 4 townhouses [only 2 left] PDF File
  8. KAMPAI GARDEN : NOUVEAU CHIC BEER GARDEN DANS LE SHAUHGNESSY VILLAGE « Kampai, ça veut dire cheers en japonais. On voulait créer une destination où les gens pourraient boire et manger; un établissement entre un club parfois trop bruyant et un resto parfois un peu plate. On voulait un endroit avec la vibe d’un 5 à 7 le fun en tout temps. » Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai est le nouveau projet de grande envergure d’Alexandre Besnard et PJ Goupil du groupe A5 Hospitality (responsable d’une quinzaine des établissements les plus populaires de Montréal dont le Jatoba, Flyjin, Apt.200, Fitzroy, Mayfair) et du chef Antonio Park (Park, Lavanderia, Jatoba). Le Kampai s’installe dans le Faubourg Sainte-Catherine, un endroit délaissé d’amour dans les dernières années. Pourtant le Kampai arrive là en force, dans un espace de 10 000 pieds carrés, dont 200 places assises et une capacité de 650 personnes (!). « En été, on aura aussi une terrasse sur Ste-Catherine de 100 places et derrière on possède une terrasse jardin d’une capacité de 300 personnes, » raconte PJ. Wow. « Le Shauhgnessy Village est le quartier de Montréal le plus dense en population, en fait le troisième au Canada. Et il n’y a pas grand-chose dans ce coin, ça commence tout juste à reprendre vie. C’était pour nous une section de Montréal sous-exploitée. Si tu y penses, tu es à côté de Westmount, de l’université Concordia, du Collège LaSalle, de Dawson, de la station Guy-Concordia qui est la troisième avec le plus de visiteurs…! » C’est effectivement un grand village de locaux, d’étudiants, de gens d’affaires des alentours et de touristes. Le local du Kampai s’installe dans le Faubourg Sainte-Catherine, dans les anciens locaux d’un club vidéo et d’un salon de coiffure. « On a découvert que ces locaux avaient un permis d’alcool, on a alors complètement repensé l’espace. » C’est effectivement intéressant de voir comment le groupe a réinventé les lieux avec la jeune talentueuse Amlyne Phillips (responsable entre autres de l’Apt.200, du Jatoba et du Mayfair). On trouve au Kampai des zones distinctes, toutes ouvertes, et sur trois demi-étages. Il y a d’abord une grande salle à l’avant de style moderne et coloré, puis une cuisine ouverte sur une salle à manger aux comptoirs de marbre et carrelages noirs et blancs, et le clou du spectacle est l’espace de bar arrière qui a été transformé en réel jardin fantaisiste — grand bar à cocktail en marbre, sofas, tables de billard et plantes partout. « En fait on a plus de 400 plantes en total au Kampai. » (rires) Rien ici n’est fait à la légère. Au niveau du menu, A5 a souhaité offrir une cuisine de bar santé et abordable aux influences asiatiques et s’est donc associé avec le chef Antonio Park pour la conception des recettes. C’est cependant le chef Jimmy James Baran (ex Garde-Manger, Bremner et Raymonds restaurant dans l’Est du Canada) qui s’occupe de l’équipe de cuisiniers qui travaille dans l’aire ouverte au centre de l’établissement. On y vient principalement pour les plats santés — poke et salades (de papaye et de nouilles de patates douces) —, les hot-dogs à la saucisse de Gaspor (régulier ou Michigan) et les tacos (de bœuf braisé ou crevettes tempura). Le menu est abordable; la plupart des items sont entre 9 et 18 $, et pour un endroit si immense, la cuisine est très bonne. On y allait à un peu à reculons, mais on voit définitivement un effort impressionnant à essayer d’offrir quelque chose de qualité aux clients du Kampai. Il y a quelques petits ajustements à faire, mais on nous assure que l’équipe travaille assidument à les améliorer. On va donc au Kampai pour manger une petite bouchée et prendre un verre (plutôt un pichet). Pichets puisque le Kampai ne vous offre pas de « cocktails simples », ceux-ci se consomment au pichet — de 32, 40 et 60 onces. C’est Lawrence Picard qui a pensé les recettes qui sont 20, 25 et 30 $ respectivement. Coup de cœur pour le pichet « baby girl what’s your name » (rires). Pour ceux qui voudraient un verre de vin, l’endroit offre quelques vins au verre, mais la carte est encore à finaliser. Si le service des 60 employés (!) est encore en train de s’ajuster, on trouve pourtant au Kampai un service sympathique et souriant. « C’est vraiment très excitant de voir autant de gens parler de notre projet et sembler si enthousiastes. On a tellement mis d’effort et d’investissements dedans, c’est vraiment motivant. » Nous on est très fiers d’être amis de longue date avec PJ, qui avec le groupe A5, investit autant dans Montréal et lance des projets importants qui redonnent de la vitalité à la ville. On est pour l’entrepreneuriat, le travail assidu, le courage, les gens qui ont du cran et de la vision, alors on ne peut que donner notre appui pour dans ce projet. Le Kampai est selon nous l’endroit idéal pour les gourmands avides de fêtes des environs. De plus, l’établissement étant si grand, il sera probablement un lieu de nombreuses rencontres amusantes. Le Kampai est ouvert du mardi au samedi de 15 h à 3 h et la cuisine ferme à 23 h. © photos Jade W Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy villageKampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village kampai-garden-downtown-montreal-bar-resto-5Kampai garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy village DÉTAILS 1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest 514-379-6161 Kampai Garden Kampai Garden : nouveau chic beer garden dans le Shauhgnessy Village
  9. Aujourd'hui, il faisait beau, plus chaud, et j'avais à faire au centre-ville. J'en ai profité pour marcher un peu avant que le soleil ne se couche. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 333 Sherbrooke Le Montmarte Hilton Garden Inn Il me fascine... Louis Bohème Le Monstre Il faut que je fasse ça dans ma vie Pour la deuxième fois dans ma vie, j'ai apprécié la Place Ville-Marie
  10. Growing ideas all the way from Montreal Yvonne Michie Horn, Special to The Chronicle Wednesday, August 8, 2007 sfgate_get_fprefs(); Long, cold winters and short summers made Montreal an unlikely mecca for gardeners. Then Flora came to town. In its second year, Flora winds along the banks of a derelict quay in the center-city Old Port district, revealing, in 10 acres of twists and turns, 49 innovative residential gardens matched with 24 "showcase" gardens spotlighting what's new in products, plant materials and design. Towering abandoned grain elevators serve as a backdrop; in the foreground are the shining skyscrapers of downtown. The location in the middle of the city sets the stage for what Flora is all about. The array of gardens on display is designed to inspire urban dwellers with postage-stamp backyards to take a second look at their small outdoor spaces (decks or even rooftops) with the idea of turning them into life-enhancing "green room" extensions of their houses. "These are real gardens, not roped-off gardens to be strolled by," said Raquel Peñalosa, Flora's artistic director. "You can walk into them, linger in them, sit down and visit, pretend they are your own, while giving thought to how the ideas presented might be adapted to your spaces at home." Once Flora 2007 ends, Peñalosa and Flora's artistic committee will be looking at proposals from landscape architects who want to be included next year. "We look for sustainability with an aesthetic edge, usefulness and originality," Peñalosa said, adding that from the start, Flora received proposals from as far away as Europe and Australia. Unlike most garden shows - installed for "here today, gone tomorrow" impact - Flora is on display for Montreal's entire growing season, from mid-June into September, offering repeat visitors the opportunity to see gardens mature and change, just as they would at home. Color rules the day, from a lineup of gigantic orange flowerpots and orange benches at the entrance to the color coding of the garden's seven themed sections: city, nature, slope, nurturing, rooftop, avant-garde and street-side. A long, bright red table flanked with matching stools turns the space at No. 13, "Feast," into a dining room set in the midst of planting beds that pay more attention to edibles than flowers. Garden No. 17, "Emerald Enchantment," has a deck painted a startling lime green, scattered with orange beanbag chairs and topped with an orange canopy. Multicolor Plexiglas disks atop tall rods at No. 35, "Earth and Sky," turn the light-colored gravel underneath into colorful polka dots when the sun shines through. I made a mental note to consider adding bold color when contemplating a backyard face-lift. Other thought-provoking themes emerged as I walked Flora's paths: -- Forget the separate vegetable patch; plant edibles with the flowers. It is the rare Flora garden that has not done so. One example harnesses a seemingly haphazard assortment of tomatoes, herbs, peppers, parsley and more with a border of euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' and orange marigolds. The idea appears to have quickly jumped out of Flora into Montreal's heart - the median strip dividing the busy four lanes of Boulevard Rene-Lévesque in front of Montreal's venerable Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel intersperses its shrubs and flowers with rainbow Swiss chard. -- Furniture is the key to enjoying outdoor space. Every Flora display garden includes seating of some sort, not just placed for a visitor's contemplative convenience but also incorporated into the design. One unforgettable setting duplicates a living room - traditional sofa, coffee table, deep armchairs - but all carved from stone. They're surprisingly comfortable and undeniably weatherproof. -- Make use of indigenous perennials. Easy to grow and modest consumers of water and fertilizer, they introduce authentic, creative and sustainable solutions to the landscape. -- Think of annuals as accents. Allow shrubs and perennials to become the backbone of the garden. Add annuals sparingly for quick seasonal color. -- Repetition adds unity. Instead of sticking in a couple of these and those here and there, achieve impact with the massing of material - three-deep rows of a single variety of grass, an entire bed filled with Russian sage. -- Add art. Such additions as a single large piece of sculpture, a scattering of colored-glass baubles or a mounted "window" of stained glass add individuality and impact. -- Create private spaces with screens. Flora's gardens offer screening ideas using both permanent dividers, such as walls of stone, and those that are movable, making use of such materials as woven slats of lightweight wood or strung-together canes of bamboo. An easy low-cost suggestion is a stretched cloth banner. -- Think about planting up. Space-saving lattices are not only for roses and morning glories but are also ideal for climbing edibles such as tomatoes, cucumbers, gourds, melons and beans. It is not too late to visit Flora this year, and it's not too early to mark calendars for next summer - and, for a complete Canadian garden experience, to consider getting there by train. ViaRail Canada has put together a cross-country garden route that begins in Victoria, British Columbia, and ends up 16 spectacular gardens later in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Montreal and Flora, of course, are a must-stop along the way. Flora's flora French-speaking people in Montreal call them "Les Exceptionnels," plants voted as exceptional by Flora's designers and visiting public: Zinnia 'Profusion,' deep apricot, blooms repeatedly, easily grown from seed. Cleome 'Señorita Rosalita,' vivid pink blooms against dark, green foliage. Rudbeckia 'Irish Spring,' rich, golden blossoms with green central cones. Pansy 'Karma Denim,' large deep-blue flowers blotched with yellow. Scaveola 'Diamond,' graceful and compact with fanlike clusters of lilac and white. Celosia 'Fresh Look,' flower stems up to 10 inches, never needs deadheading. Begonia 'Solenia Cherry,' semi-trailing. Penstemon 'Phoenix Red,' orderly and brilliant. Anigozanthos 'Kanga Red,' also known as kangaroo paws, are attractive to bees and butterflies. Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost,' mannerly border plant with a white froth of blossom. For information . For ViaRail's garden itinerary, (888) 842-7245; for general information and booking, . Yvonne Michie Horn is a travel and garden writer. E-mail her at [email protected]
  11. Et bien le bonjour à tous! Je fais une mini-tournée, mais étendue sur plusieurs jours. J'ai commencé (pas beaucoup) le 8, j'ai continué le 9, et je vais surement continuer le 11 (sauf en cas de pluie). 8 janvier 2008 Le vistal et Symphonia 9 janvier 2008 Hilton Garden Inn Reflet de votre dévoué Gilbert... Louis Boheme Hilton Garden Inn J'ai vraiment une fixation... À suivre....
  12. The sale of a rare community garden in the heart of the Montreal's red light district has angered Montrealers who rely on the land. In early April the City of Montreal's executive committee approved the sale of a 14-plot community garden on Berger Street, just east of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and north of René-Lévesque Boulevard to a numbered company for the construction of luxury condominiums. The move has angered people who have plots on the site and were about to start planting this season. Kathleen McMeekin from the St. Jacques Eco Quartier, said the land is vital to people in the area. She said the sale of it sends a wrong message to Montrealers looking to participate in community and green initiatives. While McMeekin said people from Berger Street have been told they can plant at the nearby community garden at Habitations Jeanne-Mance, space there is limited and there is already a long waiting list to get in there, she said "We're destroying again more green space in the centre of Montreal and we're also taking away garden space from people I think really need to have a place to garden and get fresh food in the city," McMeekin told CBC News. Read more: