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Found 40 results

  1. I figure I start a thread showcasing my drone activity of Montreal and the surrounding area...
  2. Bonjour, Voici un thread ou tous et chacun pourront mettre leurs photos sans nécessairement créer un nouveau thread. Un peu dans le genre ''post some pcitures of your city'' sur SSP. Je commence avec quelques photos que j'ai pris sur un bateau dans le vieux-port.
  3. I believe this project may already have a thread on this forum but I cannot find it for the life of me. Next door to Le Greystone. All units are on between 230K (746 sf) and 340K (1068 sf).
  4. Who can I put on speed dial for thread subject changes? I posted this thread and I'd like to rename the title appropriate because at first I thought this was on Notre-Dame West but then I realized it was on Duvernay. vBulletin won't let me do it.
  5. désolée, je n'avais pas vu l'autre thread... vous pouvez supprimer celui-ci
  6. Reedit: Tout est bien chill . . . Edit: Crap, je me suis fait avoir. Désolé pour la déception . Ce thread peut être supprimé. . . . ___________________________________________________________________________________ Voici le peut que nous avons pour l'instant. Ça va bientôt faire 10 ans que Sim City 4 est sorti!
  7. I'm looking for New year's eve recommendations. My fiancée and I are both in our mid-twenties (not that I believe it's relevant for the question, but just in case). We are both very far away from our families and are looking for something fun to do on new year's eve in Montreal (going out of the city is not an option for now). I won't be very specific on our tastes to make this a general thread on new year's eve in Montreal. Thanks in advance!
  8. I will post pics when I get more of them. Leaving in about 30 hours for almost 3 weeks Only reason I have this thread open so I have some sort of foundation.
  9. la thread de paris m'as fait penser a ca que j'avais vu il ya quelques mois. je ne frequentais pas ce forum dans le temps alors je me demande si vous l'aviez deja vu: c'est assez bien, meme si leur definition de 'downtown' est din patates !
  10. 1 CDN$ (Friday, February 26, 2010 @ 1034AM GMT-5) 1.0583 AUD 1.0162 CHF 6.4539 CNY 0.6944 EUR 0.6218 GBP 84.1093 JPY 12.0872 MXN 0.9454 USD 1 CDN$ (Monday, March 1st, 2010 @ 847AM GMT-5) 1.0479 AUD 1.0163 CHF 6.4136 CNY 0.6944 EUR 0.6297 GBP 83.7601 JPY 11.9690 MXN 0.9390 USD 1 CDN$ (Monday, March 1st, 2010 @ 1209PM GMT-5) 1.0664 AUD 1.0385 CHF 6.5575 CNY 0.7098 EUR 0.6403 GBP 85.6976 JPY 12.2318 MXN 0.9600 USD 1 CDN$ (Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 @ 1000AM GMT-5) 1.0642 AUD 1.0387 CHF 6.5668 CNY 0.7098 EUR 0.6429 GBP 85.6956 JPY 12.2332 MXN 0.9620 USD I will update at the end of the day and starting next week I will be posting pretty much every day in this thread
  11. Projet de rénovation / conversion de deux immeubles sur St-Alexandre côté ouest au sud de Ste-Catherine. Un des immeubles appartenait à l'UQAM, notre chère université nationaliste. Je ne trouve plus le thread sur ce project, en savez-vous davantage? Merci!
  12. I hope this becomes an useful thread about the numerous protests that happen in Montreal every year. I'm mainly creating this thread to ask you guys what is all the noise going on in downtown right now? What is that protest about? Is it peaceful/safe? Why are news sources so slow to report things like these?
  13. Postez des images des projets qui n'ont jamais étés construits à Montréal dans ce fil. Post images of projects that were never built in Montreal in this thread. Nouveau Station Bonaventure (1900) - Pour remplacer l'ancienne station:
  14. Any guesses on what will become of the Royal Vic once the MUHC moves to the Glen Campus? It's actually patently ridiculous that this facility is still being used as a hospital, that would be like using a Ford Model T as an ambulance in 2013. Converting to condo is probably out of the question too given the extraordinary cost and the terrible layouts that it would yield. My guess is that the city, the provincial government nor McGill will want to pay for refurbishment or upkeep and it will become a dilapidated eyesore because Heritage Montreal and the like will oppose anything and no one will dare touch it!! *my apologies if this thread already exists anywhere or belongs to another category
  15. In keeping with the theme of creating a thread for each place, here's one for 1234. I'll make a bunch of threads for places that come to mind, maybe eventually we'll have a thread for every bar, restaurant, lounge, etc! So, 1234. Nice place, a little small, but it's got two floors and a nice terrasse. Music: Music is good, MC Mario is there, though i've yet to see him and he wasn't there last saturday (i think he's there on saturdays?) Drinks: Drinks are average price and the barmaids are friendly and reasonably fast Ages and dress: Not velvet rope, but not casual either... middle of the road. Average ages are in the 21-28 range although i've spotted both 18 year olds and 35 year olds. Bouncers: Average lineups on a saturday night. 10-15 min wait usually, during rush hour. Bouncers are friendly, never had delays. Cover: I think it's 15$, not sure (the guy lets us in without paying and gives us a bunch of free passes, i don't know if we're the clientele he's looking for or he's just a nice guy..) Misc: my girlfriend says the girl's bathrooms are bad and i find the men's bathrooms are fine, so go figure. Isn't it usually the opposite? Lol. Hip hop and pretty much anything on the top floor, mostly house, electro, etc. on the bottom floor. Pic from last weekend
  16. Newbie


    If you want to laugh a little bit, read this news story and the comment section! P.S.: I titled this thread "Arson" so other members can post stories about arson that do not necessarily involve the projects in the "Projects" forum.
  17. bonjour! j'ai pensé qu'on pourrais avoir un thread sur not batiment préféré sur la planète... N'importe quoi, une tour, une église, un pont, vieux ou nouveau... n'importe quoi! Voici un que j'aime vraiment: Le temple Bahá'í Lotus au New Dehli. pris de wikipedia Montrez-nous vos building préféré!
  18. Deuxième tournée de photos à vie pour moi..... Bon alors, Cet été, au moi de juillet, je suis allé à Chicago pendant une semaine. Sans en dire plus, je dois avoué que c'est la plus merveilleuse, la plus parfaite, la plus belle des villes que j'ai jamias été . Étant un fan de gratte-ciels, j'ai été ultra bien servi! Photos prises de mon hotel, Swissôtel, du 28e étages. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] Après ça on s'est rendu at the Sears Tower Une dont je suis fièr À Chicago, on regarde toujours vers le haut.... Merci de venir! Il en manque BEAUCOUP, je vais m'occuper de garder le thread overt le temps que je mets les autres. Désolé de pas pouvoir faire ça en une shoot......
  19. Interesting thread from about WS 5th 767-300 Not sure what their routes will be, but will probably be hard to find some un-treaded territory with so many players already on the trans-atlantic market. Perhaps stuff from the west-coast to Asia? Anyone know when they're supposed to start flying them?
  20. jai appercu par surprise un edifice actuellement en construction sur un terrain de stationnment situe sur de maisonneuve, a l'angle de drummond ou de la montagne. l'edifice est relativement imposant, avec des etages qui me semblent d'une bonne hauteur.. le hic c'est que je n'ai pas en memoire un projet devant etre bati sur ce terrain. j'ai fouille la section en construction sans pour autant trouver reponse a ma question. je suis certain quil y a deja un thread pour ce projet mais est ce qqun pourrait me lindiquer? je croyais que le seul projet dans les environ etait celui decoulant de la demolition de lhotel de la montagne alors je suis assez curieux de savoir ce qu'est cet autre edifice en construction!
  21. We can use this thread to discuss various existing skyscrapers from cities around the world (excluding Montreal). I always liked the Key Tower in Cleveland. 289m tall, 57 floors and 1.5m sq. ft of office space! I think Montreal lacks a building with this style of architecture. Post-modern architecture doesn't get much better than this, IMO!
  22. Bonjour, J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un aurait des infos sur ce projet: Rénovation Institut et hôpital neurologiques de Montréal. On sait qu'il est en cours actuellement, qu'il se terminera en avril prochain et que c'est un projet de 16,5 millions $. Sinon, quoi d'autre? Des photos? Les entreprises qui y travaillent? Je n'ai pas trouvé de thread à ce sujet sur le forum. Merci!
  23. Je ne sais pas si un thread discute déjà de ce sujet, mais j'ai trouvé une page web vraiment intéressante qui montre en images satellites les villes fantômes nouvellement construites en chine... une bulle immobilière qui va p-e bien nous repeter en pleine face.. Il y aurait plus de 64 millions de logements vacants en chine! Allez jeter un petit coup d'oeil à ce site:
  24. We ought to give each club, lounge, bar, restaurant, pub, it's own thread with reviews, pictures, info, commentaries and all that kind of stuff! I'll start with Opera since it's been the subject of a lot of talk lately with the possible demolition for the redevelopment of the ilot du monument national. Some pix from last sunday: My review: Good spot, huge, clean, modern, great music, (mostly) classy good-looking people but all this comes with a price - definitely one of the most expensive spots in town.