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    a minute ? felt like less than 15 seconds ..


    my first reflex was to get near my flat screen to keep it from falling had things started to shake more :silly:



    It started slow and really got stronger... the plants in my house were still shaking a bit a minute later


    thats how i knew right off the bat it had to be an earthquake ... i remember in 02 or something, i was working graveyard at a call center and the exact same thing happened: sorta slow and strange for a few moments, gradually picking up strenght over the course of about 10 seconds. only this time, for me anyway, it seemed to stop quickly after that ..



    Nouvelles LCN



    Tremblement de terre à Montréal

    Mise à jour : 23/06/2010 13h45


    La terre a tremblé à Montréal en début d’après-midi, mercredi.





    le site de lcn ne fourni pu pantoute lol .. :_

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