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Former Parti Québécois premier Jacques Parizeau was admitted to the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal Monday.


He was admitted "owing to a drop in blood pressure brought on by exhaustion," said the hospital in a news release.


"Mr. Parizeau is in stable condition and under observation."


The hospital said it would provide an update on his condition within 24 hours.


Parizeau was a key figure in Quebec's Quiet Revolution and played an instrumental role in the province's independence movement and eventual creation of the separatist Parti Québécois.


He was named finance minister under René Lévesque in 1976 and helped nationalize Hydro-Québec.


Parizeau served as premier from 1994 to 1996, leading the 1995 referendum campaign for an independent Quebec, in which he was sharply rebuked for blaming the defeat of the separatists on "money and the ethnic vote."


(Courtesy of CBC News - Montreal)

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