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MIRABEL, Que. - A motorsports centre that includes a 3.8-kilometre race track is to be constructed on a former Mirabel airport site north of Montreal, the builders announced Wednesday.


The International Centre of Advanced Racing (ICAR) is scheduled for completion in the spring, said company president Frederic Senay.


The track will be open for use by professional and amateur drivers.


It will also allow car manufacturers and dealers to showcase their products, and will have a training centre for young race drivers.


The centre will be the home of the ICAR Star Mazda racing team and the ICAR Karting team, which will use a karting track on site.


(Courtesy of The Canadian Press)


It be nice. People would not have too drive to Tremblant for a track.

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je pense que ça serait idéal pour la course de Nascar, une piste plus large c'est mieux


You're joking right!? There's absolutely nothing there but farm land. Please note, that when there is a car race of stature such as F1, Champ car, Nascar etc etc you are promoting the city. Camera crews from all over the world will be settling down in our city taking beautiful panoramic shots of the Montreal skyline, St.Lawrence river etc etc not farm land for pete's sake. Also, are there any 5 star hotels around the area let alone 5 star restaurants... I think not.

Let's leave the supposed Mirabel race track to the young aspiring drivers of Quebec. It'll be an amateur track for testing proto type cars.

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1.mirabel is one of the fastest growing regions in quebec....(there's gonna be people there)


2.most of the race tracks in the world are in the middle of nowhere (ex: silverstone)....and its still gonna be Montreal's Nascar race (even if its in Mirabel...just like the airport was)....dont worry about tv and publicity, there still gonna show Montreal, they're not gonna waste time filming farms


3.people are still gonna stay in Montreal or Laval during the week of the event...its only a one day event, its not like there gonna have to go there very often....we could easily have a bus service specially for those going to the race


anyway, I just dont think that Gilles Villeneuve circuit if very good for a Nascar race.... i'm only talking abour Nascar, F1 could stay on île st-hélène

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i agree copmpletely with Iamthewalrus!


For Nascar, i would have liked an oval track! But if they can't build an oval track, at least buld a track that is more suited for Nascar vehicules, by that i mean a WIDER race track, and one that odesn'T have a hairpin curve in it. It slows down the big car tooo much!


ANy news on what shape this track will have? When will open?

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