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Lumière, phase 1 (Laval) - 9 étages


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Mon Dieu... est-ce vrai? Des bâtiments d'au moins 15 étages, avec une esthétique soignée et avant-gardiste à Laval? Mais c'est génial!


Par contre, c'est pas proche du tout d'une station de métro...


6 immeubles résidentiels de style contemporain et urbain comptant de neuf à seize étages
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I have to say, that is a really nice project for Laval. It is to bad they don't have a view of Montreal. They should have something like this, in Longueuil.

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hey guys


this project is developed by the same promoters as quintessence (jadco), which just so happens to be across the street from the project" lumiere", it seems they wish to diversify and get into more affordable condos. it is intresting to see this project will be developed right next to a neiborhood of recently built single family homes, that is laval for you.


the sales office is very impressive and is already complete. once both projects are completed it'll create a secluded urban area with sizeable residencial buildings.


photos to come.

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