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Thai Grill closing its doors and suing city




Thai Grill restaurant in the Plateau is suing the city after a water main break put him out of business.


On March 3, 2015 city crews hit a water main near the corner of St-Laurent and Laurier which caused water to shoot up like a geyser for hours in the middle of the night.


One of the owners of Thai Grill located at that corner, Frédérick Pichette, says water poured through the second floor of the building, into the walls, collapsing the ceiling until two feet of water accumulated in his basement.


"The water was stronger than probably 10 firefighters with their hoses, it was strong, it broke the windows on the second floor," Pichette explained.


He says the damage is so bad that it will take months to repair and by then they will have lost too many customers to reopen their doors.


"I have no revenue coming in, they clearly pushed me out of business, the clientele they won't come back, we made the news, Facebook, everybody saw the water that poured in our business because someone at the city didn't do their job,"


Pichette, who's says he paid $44,000 of taxes last year, says the worst part is the city never apologized.


"I'm completely pissed off, I had to run to the city and the police to get reports, no one came, no one cared. It's incredible, I've been here for 20 years, I got lots of calls from clients and people who work in the area but nothing from the city."


Pichette isn't making the details of the lawsuit public. He says he hopes the city will recognize it is to blame and settle out of court. Adding that some 20 people will be out of work.


The city did not return CJAD's calls.


After the flooding on March 3, Michel Tanguay, spokesperson with the city told The Gazette city crews hit the water main, which is something that often happens when crews dig up a street.



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