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Quebec, the only French province in Canada, is a place greatly influenced by European culture and architecture, combining North American and European styles in one location.


Quebec's largest city is Montreal, also known as the cultural capital of Canada. Montrealers speak two languages: English and French.


Every summer, the city hosts Grand Prix auto races, jazz performances, standup comedy festivals and firework competitions on the Saint Lawrence River.


In the city's old port, right by the river, you come across street performers and painters, jewelry stands, restaurants and local dishes.


Across the river is a unique group of residential buildings, with a modular design called Habitat 67. It was designed by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie, who gained his international recognition due to this very project. Down the road is the famous Montreal Casino.


Downtown Montreal is a lively area and includes a Chinatown district and the Gay Village, which is the gay-friendly neighborhood.


About a three-hour drive from Montreal is the province's capital, Quebec City. During the Canadian fall, the driving itself is quite a spectacular experience with nature, trees and the change of colorful leaves decorating the sides of the highway.


Quebec City is one of the historical cities of North America, founded in 1608 as part of the ancient European settlement.


Unlike Montreal, locals mainly speak French, but similarly, Quebec City has an ancient area as well. Since this area is situated on a hill, a funicular connects the upper and lower parts of the city.


The city's streets are designed with original architecture and decorated with giant mirrors, shops and authentic areas. During the time of my visit, pumpkins awaited me in almost storefront and street corner as the whole city was preparing for Halloween.


Maple syrup from the region of Quebec is produced mainly in Canada due to the many maple trees that grow in the country.


A few minutes' drive outside the old city of Quebec are natural waterfalls, 83 meters (90 yards) high, called the Montmorency Falls. Quite a pleasant way to end my visit to the beautiful and unique province of Quebec.




There is also video clips if you click the link, don't worry the video clips are in english and not hebrew.

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