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A sapling grown from the famous Anne Frank chestnut tree in Amsterdam will be planted in Montreal.


The city is the only Canadian location that will get a sapling from the tree's cuttings.


Organizers say only Israel and New York welcomed more Holocaust survivors than Montreal. The other 11 saplings being sent to North America are going to the United States.


The Jewish teenager wrote about the tree in The Diary of Anne Frank, which describes her life as she and her family hid from the Nazis during the Second World War. It fell down in August, damaged by winds, rain, rot and moths.


In her diary, Frank described going to the attic almost every morning to stare at the tree, and the little raindrops on its branches, and knowing she could always find happiness looking out at the sky.


The planting ceremony in Montreal will take place Monday at the Holocaust Memorial Centre.


(Courtesy of The Globe and Mail)

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I think it's time for Montreal to have somekind of a Holocaust memorial center and/or a canadian jewish museum located in the prime areas of the city. I know that there is a holocaust memorial in Snowdon and that's OK but it is not playing a key role outside the jewish community because it is ''far'' away from the city center.


It would have a much larger ''audience'' and non jewish participation both from Montrealers and tourists if it we're located somewhere in Ville-Marie and most notably on Sherbrooke not far from the Musée des Beaux Arts. Of course it probably would require the demolition of an existing building but i can think of 2 or 3 buildings that would deserve to vanish.

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I think the area it is in is fine, after all, the kids come by school bus... it's nicely laid out as it stands


I'm not saying it isn't nicely laid out or anything but it is lacking the visibility and the prestige it would have if located in Centre-Ville and especially in the Musée area. It would also benefit montreal a lot more, i think !!!

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