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Une nouvelle tour de onze étages à la Place Charles-LeMoyne

Rive-Sud Express Diane Lapointe


VIEUX-LONGUEUIL –Une nouvelle tour de onze étages s’élèvera bientôt dans le ciel de la Place Charles-LeMoyne, dans l’arr. du Vieux-Longueuil.


Le Ville de Longueuil, propriétaire du terrain situé sur la rue Saint-Charles Ouest, entre l’Université de Sherbrooke et l’entrée des autobus, a accepté l’offre d’achat des Habitations Trigone pour un montant de 1 763 929$.


L’entreprise projette de réaliser un édifice de condominiums de luxe évalué à plus de 47 M$. Il comportera 170 unités de condo d’une valeur moyenne de 275 000 $, un stationnement souterrain de deux étages et des espaces commerciaux au rez-de-chaussée


La Ville de Longueuil prévoit percevoir des revenus de taxes de mutation sur la portion résidentielle de 515 000$, et des revenus annuels de 536 000$ en taxation résidentielle et de 26 000$ pour la portion commerciale.



Des rendus :









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Je suis pas certain de comprendre de quel terrain il s'agit... entre l'entrée des autobus et l'Université, c'est pas une petite bande terrain qui appartient justement à l'Université déjà? Et d'ailleurs c'est ce terrain sur lequel la phase 2 du campus est supposé se faire non?

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Personally I wouldn't buy from them. I bought a condo with them 2 years ago...and it was problem after problem. The move-in date was pushed back 3 times (and each time with only 1-2 weeks of notice, good thing I wasn't renting or I would have been out in the streets). Then when we did the inspection I found A LOT of cosmetic damage and things still not finished.....a month later when I moved in NOTHING had been done, even though everything should have been repaired before moving in. After that it was basically hell, I kept having to call them over and over again for the repairs, take DAYS off from work to let the worker in...but even then it was like one step forward, two steps back i.e the scratches and holes (yes holes in my floors and even shower) were still there. It took about 5 months before 50% of the repairs were done, then I gave up since I was fed up in having to deal with them. It was just cosmetic damage so I just learned to live with it. sanity>unscratched floors.


Then my walls started to crack (which is normal due to the humidity escaping), but they refused to repair it, and I'm talking huge ceiling to floor cracks.

Then they billed us 1500$ for snow removal, but NO one ever came to remove said snow.

And they've actually still not done with the landscaping or the finishings in the hallway (which they promised would be done in April-May....it's September and we're still waiting).


I will never buy anything from them again.



Voici un commentaire sur les Habitation Trigones dans le topic sur leur projet à Ste-Thérèse

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