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Une nouvelle légende est née!!! Canon 5D Mark II


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Canon EOS 5D Mark II Hands-on Preview

September 2008, Phil Askey and Richard Butler



Preview based on a pre-production EOS 5D Mark II

Back in August 2005 Canon 'defined a new DSLR category' (their words) with the EOS 5D. Unlike any previous 'full frame' sensor camera, the 5D was the first with a compact body (i.e. not having an integral vertical grip) and has since then proved to be very popular, perhaps because if you wanted a full frame DSLR to use with your Canon lenses and you didn't want the chunky EOS-1D style body then the EOS 5D has been your only choice. Three years on and two competitors have turned up in the shape of the Nikon D700 and Sony DSLR-A900, and Canon clearly believes it's time for a refresh.


So here is the 5D Mark II, which punches high in terms of both resolution and features, headlining: 21 megapixels, 1080p video, 3.0" VGA LCD, Live view, higher capacity battery. In other words, a camera that aims to leapfrog both its direct rivals, either in terms of resolution (in the case of the D700) or features (in the case of the DSLR-A900). Full detail below.

Key features / improvements


  • 21 megapixel CMOS sensor (very similar to the sensor in the EOS-1Ds Mark III)
  • Sensor dust reduction by vibration of filter
  • ISO 100 - 6400 calibrated range, ISO 50 - 25600 expansion (1Ds Mark III & 5D max ISO 3200)
  • Auto ISO (100 - 3200) in all modes except manual
  • 3.9 frames per second continuous shooting
  • DIGIC 4 processor, new menus / interface as per the EOS 50D
  • Image processing features:
    • Highlight tone priority
    • Auto lighting optimizer (4 levels)
    • High ISO noise reduction (4 levels)
    • Lens peripheral illumination correction (vignetting correction)

    [*]RAW and SRAW1 (10 MP) / SRAW2 (5 MP)

    [*]RAW / JPEG selection made separately

    [*]Permanent display of ISO on both top plate and viewfinder displays

    [*]AF microadjustment (up to 20 lenses individually)

    [*]Three custom modes on command dial, Creative Auto mode

    [*]Image copyright metadata support

    [*]98% coverage viewfinder (0.71x magnification)

    [*]3.0" 920,000 dot LCD monitor with 'Clear View' cover / coatings, 170° viewing angle

    [*]Automatic LCD brightness adjustment (ambient light sensor)

    [*]Live view with three mode auto-focus (including face detection)

    [*]No mirror-flip for exposures in Live View if contrast detect AF selected

    [*]Movie recording in live view (1080p H.264 up to 12 minutes, VGA H.264 up to 24 mins per clip)

    [*]Two mode silent shooting (in live view)

    [*]New jump options in play mode

    [*]HDMI and standard composite (AV) video out

    [*]Full audio support: built-in mic and speaker, mic-in socket, audio-out over AV (although not HDMI)

    [*]IrPort (supports IR remote shutter release using optional RC1 / RC5 controllers)

    [*]UDMA CompactFlash support

    [*]New 1800 mAh battery with improved battery information / logging

    [*]New optional WFT-E4 WiFi / LAN / USB vertical grip

    [*]Water resistance: 10 mm rain in 3 minutes

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c'est pas dans la même catégorie de caméras, ce que t'as mis c'est du medium format, peu ou pas transportable, fait pour le studio avant tout.


Elles sont tellement lourdes et franchement chères, que les sortir d'un studio serait de la folie.


Mais bref, c'est une catégorie à part utilisé pour de l'impression très grand format.

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Canon 5D Mk2 high ISO pictures


September 20th, 2008

canon5dmk2-11.jpgThis shot was taken at ISO 1600 in the corridor at Canon. Click on the picture for the full resolution file. The EXIF data is intact in the full size images.

Here they are. These are a selection of the 50 or so frames I shot on a ‘beta’ version of the Canon 5D Mk2 camera at Canon’s headquarters in the UK. Canon supplied a model, Lisa, and I took pictures while demonstrating the camera’s capability to the hundred or so press and distributors who attended throughout the day. I only shot Jpegs as we had no way of processing the RAW files. So these pictures are only 8 bit and not 14 bit RAWs. I downloaded them into Lightroom and made a few tweaks before using Photoshop to do a bit of spot removal as per a normal jpeg workflow. I was careful to preserve the histogram where possible although some pulling about of the files was inevitable.

canon5dmk2-05.jpgISO 1600 too, and in another corridor just outside my demonstration room. The lighting was from low wattage downlighters.


canon5dmk2-10.jpgISO 1600 - I like the look that Lisa and I came up with for this shot.


canon5dmk2-16.jpgISO 6400 with the exposure compensation maxed out at +2 stops


canon5dmk2-15.jpgA little tighter still at ISO 6400


canon5dmk2-14.jpgThis frame is a little more normal with predominately neutral tones and no heavy backlight. It is the first of 3 frames to compare high ISO perfomances at different settings. ISO 6400


canon5dmk2-12.jpgThis frame is ISO 1600.


canon5dmk2-13.jpgAnd this frame is ISO 800


canon5dmk2-04.jpgISO 1000


canon5dmk2-03.jpgISO 1000


canon5dmk2-01.jpgAnd finally I give you this frame at ISO 1000 again.

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