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Selected reader suggestions for visiting Montreal, compiled from user comments on the Travel section’s Web site. You can read more comments on this and other cities at nytimes.com/travel.





I stayed at the Hotel XIXe Siècle (514-985-0019; http://www.hotelxixsiecle.com; rooms starting at about 195 Canadian dollars, with Canadian and U.S. dollars about equal) and it was fantastic. Right down the street from the cathedral, the expo center, the metro and a walk to everywhere. The staff is fantastic, the rooms large and charming. I can’t wait to go back.


Posted by terrymike



Hotel Nelligan (514-788-2040; http://www.hotelnelligan.com; rooms starting at about 205 Canadian dollars) is located right in Old Montreal. I stayed there a number of months ago and it was excellent. There are four historic warehouse-style buildings that have been adjoined over what used to be an open alleyway in between. The hotel itself is very modern and trendy with an excellent restaurant. It was great value, and they even offer a cheese plate and complimentary Happy Hour beverage each day for guests.


Posted by Jason Kerr





L’Express (514-845-5333; 3927 St.-Denis) really can’t be beat. Try the bone marrow appetizer, simplicity itself — roasted bone marrow served with sea salt, that’s it. Enjoy it with a cold lager and a simple salad while sitting at the bar. The steak tartare al frites is also to die for. But as much as I love this place, it’s not exactly the most romantic restaurant; the lighting is a bit bright & the constant traffic can feel a bit overwhelming. I love visiting in the late afternoon or early evening before the crowds.


Posted by Tim Gallagher


The best overall restaurant in Montreal is a bistro named Au Cinquième Péché (“The 5th Sin”) (514-286-0123; http://www.aucinquiemepeche.com). It is reasonably priced, has a great fixed-price menu, is well staffed and a wonderful place to eat.


Posted by David H. Gerstel


L’Autre Saison (514-845-0058; http://www.lautresaison.com) ... rue Crescent, Montreal ... Spectacular food, impeccable service, extensive wine selection, gracious host Kazim, wonderful chef Alain!


Posted by Richard & Sue Walczak


Pâtisserie de Gascogne (514-932-3511; http://www.degascogne.com) on Sherbrooke Ouest (west of downtown) has the best coffee éclairs on this side of the Atlantic. And believe me, I’ve tried a lot of coffee éclairs! Bite into one and you’re in Paris. And their other pastries and cakes are excellent as well.


Posted by Dom Bohbot




I want to suggest a walk that will give visitors to Montreal a real feel for the city. Start at the corner of Sherbrooke and McGill College. Admire the Roddick Gates that form the entrance to the university — walk around the lower campus, especially in summer when all is green. Continue walking east on Sherbrooke until you reach Boul. St.-Laurent. Turn Left (north) on St.-Laurent. St.-Laurent is full of trendy shops. It is also a street where immigrants of all stripes first get a toehold to the city, so it is also full of ethnic charm. Continue north on St.-Laurent to Rue Prince Arthur. Turn right on Prince Arthur and you will be walking past many outdoor cafes — Prince Arthur at that point is a pedestrian mall. Continue along Prince Arthur until you reach St.-Louis Square. Cross the Square to Rue St.-Denis. Turn right and walk down St.-Denis through the Latin Quarter to Vieux Montreal. What I am proposing is a very long walk, but on a warm Spring, Summer or Autumn day, it can’t be beat!


Posted by Carl Raskin



(Courtesy of New York Times - Travel)

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