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côte saint-luc 5790 Parkhaven - 11 étages


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5790 Parkhaven

Parkhaven Tower.jpg


Emplacement: 5790 Parkhaven, Cote-St-Luc
Hauteur en étages: 11
Hauteur en mètres: 
Coût du projet: 
Promoteur: Groupe BSR
Entrepreneur général: 
Début de construction: 
Fin de construction: Décembre 2018
Site internet: http://www.bsrgroup.ca/fr/current-projects/parkhaven-tower
Lien webcam: 
Autres images: 
Vidéo promotionnelle: 
Autres informations: 




Finally, back in Côte Saint-Luc where BSR Groupe is located, 5790 Parkhaven Ave. is on the way up! This 113-unit building will be right next door to the city's Aquatic and Community Centre (ACC). There are several parks in the area. The buildings itself will have indoor parking, a fitness centre, ceramic finishing and much more.

"The Parkhaven Tower is going to be even bigger than 6700 The Avenue," says Basal. "Units on the upper floor are going to have excellent views."




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