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  1. Amazing for 2 seperate projects with seperate contractors (I think?) to work so closely together. I wonder how the common foundation wall be built? It's almost like they must have to co-ordinate this as 1 project??
  2. Vous n'avez pas tort, mais vous devez tenir compte qu'il s'agissait à l'origine d'un endroit industriel (industrie légère) qui commence lentement à être changé pour un usage résidentiel. Pointe-Claire's master plan is now zoning most of that area as residential so that's why we are seeing residential development on the north side of Hymus. It's not easy to change an industrial area to a lively, dense residential area filled with stores, etc overnight. As more residents move in the area will continue to change. Blvd St Jean is not far (it's walkable) and there are plenty of stores and services
  3. Sorry, I meant to say the Sources circle interchange right next to Kubik, not sure why I wrote Dorval!! D'oh! But yeah I do remember the initial plans for Dorval being much nicer than what is actually happening (as per your diagram). As for the Sources interchange at the 20 I think the plan is just to shore up the existing crumbling structure, it's too expensive to replace. But man some of the merges there are sooo dangerous!
  4. Nice addition to the area which will should help revitalize the Valois Village. Hopefully the MTQ will improve the state of the nearby Dorval circle soon, it's an unpleasant adventure every time I'm on it!!
  5. Malheuresement vrai. Comme on dit "no money no candy". In this case the candy being nice skyscrapers (and everything else associated with building those skyscrapers...).
  6. Isn't there another thread on this already? This one. Edit: I see that @UrbMtlbeat me to it. 😄
  7. Merci pour le mise a jour! This was only matter of time since the BeG moved to Kirkland, glad to see the area being developed even more. Pointe-Claire will have to rename avenue "auto plaza" to something else lol. I say avenue "TOD". 😄
  8. Start your branding with an app such as "Deep Thoughts with Rocco" then work your way up to selling some "mood improvement" products. You could be onto something!
  9. Wow! That stretch of Hymus is really exploding. It started well before the announcement of the REM (Le Cambridge and the townhouses on the south side were built ~10 years ago) but certainly the arrival of the REM has spurred even more development. This fits in with Pointe-Claire's master plan for the area, they want to replace light industry on Hymus with residential development and leave the commercial/industrial on the service road of the 40 (trans-canadienne). Let's hope the bus service will also improve in the area otherwise traffic on St Jean will get even worse than it already is.
  10. Le parc est finalement ouvert! Nice tribute to Tony Proudfoot. They also maintained a "natural" area of the woodland which is nice to see.
  11. Photo of the site with the Horizon in the background. Will have an interesting impact on this very residential single-family-detached-home neighborhood!
  12. Photos prises le 14 aout du quartier et des condos.
  13. I remember reading a few years back when Le Manoir was for sale that Pointe-Claire wanted the land for residential development. Then Sergakis bought it and he said planned to keep Le Manoir going. But now with COVID decimating restaurants and bars, I agree that it's only a question of time before it happens. Who know, Sergakis himself may want to build some residential development there just like he is proposing for St Catherine near Fort. I would imagine that there is provincial funding/approval required for any highway overpass? Isn't that provincial jurisdiction? You're absol
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