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  1. Maybe they could apply a stain on the wood to create a more uniform color? Agreed that ca fait dur.
  2. Good point! They are always presented separately with nothing around them but the reality is that there will be a massive tower next to each one. Would be nice to see a rendering from Brocolini with both towers and the park.
  3. I was downtown today for the first time in over 6 months and it's just incredible to see the buzz in this area around the Centre Bell. Bravo Montréal!! 😍
  4. Very interesting, did not know the history of this house to this extent.
  5. Hydro-Quebec please bury those electrical wires!! Planted in the middle of the sidewalk and held by multiple support cables. Good lord our infrastructure needs some work. I'm not losing hope yet!! 🙏
  6. Yes, Quartier Greenwich is 3 condo buildings (not sure if there is a 4th phase planned) and a whole bunch of townhouses. I think there may be a few single family homes built as well in addition to a new park (Tony Proudfoot). All this construction will really add density to the neighborhood. I created a topic for this here:
  7. I bet they are just waiting to sell those lots at top dollar. The less empty lots there are, the higher in value they will go...until the next economic downturn.
  8. Spotted this sign the other day. Looks like they will develop this land near the corner of St Jean and Hymus in Pointe-Claire. It's right next to the Quartier Greenwich development. I'll get a better picture next time I pass by.
  9. Here's an update on this project - it's alive and well! Phase 1 and 2 completed and Phase 3 in progress. Phase 4 is being planned. http://venturacondos.ca/en/
  10. Wow great video, thanks for sharing! Also a great view of our centre-ville towards the end of the clip. 😄
  11. It was 15 cents in the afternoon but it went up to 20 cents in the evening! Wonder if they offer lunch time discounts for the condos? 😄
  12. Oh man, it's already tagged with graffiti! GRRRRR ca m'enrage!! And is it just me or does the cement border already looked chipped and scratched up?? ☹️
  13. The van is ready now how about they start digging! 😄