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  1. Guys! It's clearly a MASTER PLAN from Claude Cormier. The water that spills outside the fountain will slowly trickle down to the AVIS building. Over the next 25 years this slow yet effective damage will cause the building to be condemned. Then finally, FINALLY we will be rid of that eyesore. We just need to be patient...and pray!!
  2. NFL team all the way! The NFL has only 8 regular season games to sell tickets for, making each game become an event. The NBA and MLB both have too many regular season games and the unfortunate truth is that we montréalais are event driven fans. An NFL team would be supported year in and year out even if they lose, whereas I have my doubts that we would regularly support a bad NBA or MLB team over the long term. The only problem with the NFL would be having an appropriate stadium (NOT the Big O!!) and of course it would probably mean the Als would fold. At the same time, I would take ANY of those teams in a heartbeat!
  3. NDG represent! I used to live there and loved the 'hood. I once heard NDG described as No Damn Good lol
  4. On a boat?!! Did you bring your "swim trunks and your flippie-floppies"? 😂🤣 It really is a big blue watery road...
  5. Je me demande la meme chose chaque fois que je passe par la. WTF is going on??! They were supposed to redo the 40 eastbound but instead they left it an incomplete mess. I just returned from 2 weeks driving on Ontario highways and while they are not perfect NOWHERE did I see anything like this. It's like the MTQ just doesn't care??
  6. Tout a fait d'accord avec toi. Some of the "engineering" designs that date from 50-60 years ago simply CANNOT be used today. It's a sad state that the government waits until people die before doing anything.
  7. This is very helpful as you are quite literally giving us "insider" info!! Thanks for the update Irenda and congrats on moving into your new place. Merci 😄
  8. I hope you are right...do you have some insider info?? That would be nice. 😁 In any case, welcome to the forum. 😃
  9. Nice! What's happening with the Irish Embassy next door? Looks like they are repairing the upper floors?
  10. Personal Pet Peeve: Hydro poles and other aerial infrastructure (phone lines, cables) that looks absolutely decrepit. Time to bury some wires people!!! PS: très belles photos, merci!
  11. I am satisfied with the results. The top is nowhere near as nice as the initial renderings promised but when you think of what was on those lots just a decade ago...the final result is not too bad at all.
  12. I think priorities changed drastically in the '70's. But hopefully now our collective confidence is returning and we can reach for the stars again...tous ensemble!
  13. Nice angle! All this time I didn't realize it was right behind the ONF. As homer would say...D'OH!!!
  14. +1 je suis bien d'accord avec toi. Let's hope it happens. Would make this become a world-class hub!