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  1. Nice pics @Mondo_Grosso! The street integration of the buildings doesn't look so great...what's it feel like from "the ground"? Will there be any commercial activity at ground level or is it all private?
  2. Excellent initiative! Nice to see some thoughts and respect given to a segment of our population that is often overlooked.
  3. It will be interesting to see what they propose for the residential development. There is a lot of potential in that area and if done right, this can really be something exciting and positive for the whole west island. They need to find the right mix of density, parking and access to transportation (REM, buses, bike lanes, etc). There are already several condo buildings going up on Brunswick just north of the mall (some of the buildings are 9 stories high!). The new development will need to include townhouses, high rises and hopefully some social/senior housing as well.
  4. ALL HOPES HAVE BEEN DASHED. I am now depressed. Can some other developer jump in and buy the lot?!! Let's start a crowdsource funding effort!! STOP CANVAR NOW!! Get some hashtags going on social media...
  5. Wow that WOULD be pretty sweet. Somehow me thinks it will not be the case...but we can always HOPE!!! Hope springs eternal as they say.
  6. Uhmmm...are you now renting out a helicopter to get even better photos than you've already been posting?!?!
  7. Cool article and pictures. Heated ramps at Dorval, wow! Back in the glory days....
  8. Tres bonne nouvelle! Good initiative from the city...now let's hope the developers get on board with some nice projects for these neighborhoods. 😊
  9. Is this Rocco's burner account? 😂 Just kidding...I think we all have a place for Rocco in our hearts. 💘
  10. Nice. The REM team gets it, Madame Plante does not seem to...let's hope they can come to a resolution!
  11. Interesting, merci! However where are the current buildings that are left on the site - I'm talking about the old Ericsson buildings that I believe they are keeping. How come we don't see them on this rendering? Or is one of them tucked just behind the semi-circular building? Also, the buildings here don't look very high, this is disappointing. Hopefully there will be some higher towers included.
  12. Agreed. If Royalmount fails, it fails. If it succeeds and Marche Central or Rockland decline, then it's up to those centers to improve their offering. Anyway, at least that's how I see it...
  13. You're right, I stand corrected. What the city did is limit access to the Kirkland station with the new road that will only have buses and bike lanes. Will the city do the same to the streets leading to Anjou station? I doubt it...
  14. Allo? Ou est la mairesse Plante et Projet Montréal dans tout ca? They block parking at the REM stations but don't say anything about this? Seems a bit hypocritical no? The area around Anjou has way better bus service so why should there be so many parking spots?