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  1. We'll only know in 50 years if this is true or not. It's amazing how as human beings, we always think that this time, we got it right because we learned from our past mistakes. Unfortunately progress is not always linear. I certainly hope this bridge will last 125 years but the truth is, no one really knows how long this bridge will last until it actually stands the only test that counts: time.
  2. Merci @ScarletCoral. This is why I'm confused, on p 49 they show Cite Mid-Town as being well north of the 40. This is not adjacent to the Royalmount project at all (its not even part of the Namur-De la Savane area) yet the McGill Immobilier site is making it seem like it is part of it. Anyway, maybe I'm still missing something.
  3. Ok so I'm confused...this is NOT part of the Royalmount development yet the link in the header takes you to a site about Royalmount condos? So are these 2 projects linked together? http://www.mcgillimmobilier.com/cite-midtown-condos-neufs-a-vendre-royalmount/?convert=true
  4. OH YESSS!!!! Thanks for the update!
  5. Disappointing! They should have moved forward with the referendum to allow everyone a chance to vote.
  6. In a strange way...this tower is starting to grow on me. Don't hate me for saying it. 🤪
  7. What a change in such a short period of time. And as Rocco said, more to come! Amazing. Bravo Montreal, let's keep this momentum going!
  8. Great views of downtown!! Someone from MTLURB should buy it so they can post pictures of all the changes to the skyline. 😁
  9. Uh oh! Don't let Rocco see all the missing paint or he will lose it lol!! I imagine (hope??) it will be painted before the work is finalized.
  10. I believe it was actually the busiest bridge in all of Canada (and the new one will continue to be).
  11. On 👏 veut 👏 40+ 👏 étages! 👏 On 👏 veut 👏 40+ 👏 étages! 👏 ok I'll stop now 😁 🤣
  12. I know, right? Y'a t'il meme une personne qui dit "wow c'est beau je l'adore"? What were they thinking with this style that seemed popular a few years back? You see it on various buildings across the city. Who the f#$ is responsible for it? They should be prevented from ever designing buildings again. Ok, end of rant. 😁
  13. Uhh...it's an RV convention?? Movie shoot? What exactly is going on...?