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  1. Wow talk about going for the cheapest option! I guess we shouldn't be suprised after everything we've seen up till now. And there's already 2 big stains on the first photo. Ohlalalalalalalala
  2. Great view but that is a tiny 2 bedroom unit! The price to pay for being au centre-ville...
  3. Honestly most days I come on this site just to read your comments Rocco! No filter, makes me laugh out loud. Love it, please don't ever change. I think Malek should provide you compensation of some kind.
  4. I gotta agree with you, it would be pretty hard to install something worse looking than that.
  5. What a skyline! The different heights and density make it really interesting.
  6. Yup that's terrible news about Derek, RIP. There should also be a chemin 'Claude Raymond' and rue 'Denis Boucher'.
  7. Agreed, so many blind concrete walls!! But as others have said, the area has a unique vibe due to the diverse student population.
  8. Stop being logical!! Government agencies cannot function on logic. 😆
  9. Seriously that article is just trying to trigger people. So I guess the elevated branch in the west island was "allowed" by the anglophones out there? lol
  10. The whole Dorval circle was supposed to be redesigned but I think most of that project is in the dustbin. The interchange at Highway 20 and Des Sources is another mess.
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