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  1. Who's gonna clear those steps and the ramp in winter? Bonne chance!
  2. Belles photos! With the appropriate landscaping, the area around le stade could really be spectacular. They keep pumping money in the roof but don't seem to take care of the area around it...
  3. Australia exploits its natural resources via mining and export. That's where a lot of the wealth comes from.
  4. Ok so the first "tower" has gone up and a crane has been installed for the 2nd building. 10 storeys on this side of St Jean makes sense as there aren't any bungalows or cottages right next to them. Editors note: these will NOT be winning any architectural design awards
  5. Here is the presentation 575-saint-jean_projet-de-remplacement.pdf
  6. There's a lot of concern in the community about the size of this proposal and the city seems to be flip-flopping on the height allowance. After initial protests, Pointe-Claire said that they would limit the height to 6 storeys max but now seem to have reversed that and it will go ahead at 10 storeys. I have to admit that 10 storeys will be a big change in this area as there are bungalows right next to it. But I believe there is pressure on the city with the upcoming REM - new developments in proximity to the REM have to meet a minimum density requirement.
  7. Finally a render for this site and it looks pretty decent. On the negative side, the picket fence continues on RL. This should be merged with the 2 or 3 other threads on the exact same topic/location.
  8. The question becomes, what IS the proposal for this site?!! 🍿 👀
  9. Exactly. People forget this. PVM, TDLB, etc put Montreal on the "skyscraper map" for a period.
  10. Me thinks we're going to get a whole lot of 2 things: "nah" and "ting".
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