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Renewable energy dominates this year's Top 100 Projects list


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Renewable energy dominates this year's Top 100 Projects list - with little help from the Stimulus Fund


TORONTO, Jan. 11 /CNW/ - Renewable energy projects claim five of the top ten spots on the 2010 list of Canada's Top 100 infrastructure projects, representing $18.3 billion in investment.


ReNew Canada magazine's annual Top 100 Infrastructure Projects list, released today, represents over $68 billion in infrastructure investment for Canada. That 46 of those projects are new to the list is an indication of just how robust the infrastructure industry in Canada has been this year - and that's mostly outside of the federal government's Infrastructure Stimulus Fund (ISF). Almost none of the Top 100 projects are financed with help from the ISF.


Hydro-Québec's $6.5-billion renewable energy project along northern Quebec's Romaine River is number one on this year's list - it's one of four projects the utility has on the list. This project alone will create 975 jobs for each year of construction, and it's only one of 100 projects listed.


While renewables may have broken into ReNew Canada's top ten, traditional generation projects remain strong. Alberta's Keephills 3 Generating Plant (up to number eight this year due to increased costs) is taking advantage of new federal funding for carbon capture and sequestration projects.


The health care sector has the most projects on the report. Not only do these projects outnumber all others on the Top 100, but they account for 18 of the 34 public-private partnerships (P3s) on the list.


Three of the top four on ROB's list of Canada's Top Employers (PCL, EllisDon & Bennett Jones) are featured prominently in the Top 100 Projects report.


For the full list of key players and details such as financing sources, visit top100projects.ca. Find an interactive map of all projects at http://top100projects.ca/top-100-projects/.


The top ten projects are:


Romaine Complex A Renewable Energy Project, Quebec

$6.5 billion


Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert Project, Quebec

$5 billion


Spadina Subway Extension, Ontario

$2.63 billion


Port Mann/Highway 1 Project (PMH1), British Columbia

$2.46 billion


Windsor-Essex Parkway Underway, Ontario

$1.6 billion


Keephills 3 Generating Plant, Alberta

$1.6 billion


Niagara Tunnel Project, Ontario

$1.6 billion


Turcot Interchange, Quebec

$1.5 billion


For the full listing, or for further information, visit top100projects.ca.

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