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Hilton is launching a New Brand DENIZEN Hotels and Montreal is on the list for a new concept hotel!!!!


See the web site: http://www.denizenhotels.com/


press on Heart


See also the following article:

Hilton unveils new brand: Denizen Hotels

Mar 10, 2009


Beverly Hills, Calif.--Hilton Hotels Corp. announced today the addition of Denizen Hotels, a global lifestyle brand, to the Hilton Family of Brands. Appearing throughout the world in international social epicenters, Denizen Hotels will cater to globally-conscious modern travelers of the world.


“We are thrilled to welcome Denizen Hotels into our portfolio of brands,” said Christopher J. Nassetta, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hilton Hotels Corporation. “While we continue to operate in a challenging macro economic environment, the addition of Denizen Hotels demonstrates our commitment to continuing to invest in our long-term growth. Denizen Hotels, a lifestyle brand that will attract business and leisure travelers across cultures and generations and has an authenticity that will appeal to today’s sensibilities, will be highlighted by exceptional design and service at an accessible price point. This new brand rounds out our Luxury & Lifestyle portfolio, which includes the Waldorf Astoria, the Waldorf Astoria Collection and Conrad Hotels & Resorts.”


Denizen Hotels will target corporate and leisure guests and creates an international intersection between business and pleasure with an environment that redefines how guests stay and how they play. Each hotel will offer both substance and style, creating a technology-rich, smart-in-design living environment, focusing on connecting emotionally with guests. From innovative check-in experiences to in-room curated comfort, Denizen Hotels will harness design and technology inspiration to provide a transformative guest experience for the world citizen.


During a unique unveiling at the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) in Berlin, a reconstructed vision of the brand experience will be presented to attendees within a shipping container. Designed to allow visitors to walk in and experience the space, this bold presentation embodies the eclecticism and global design language of the brand, expressed with the green thread of sustainability – one of the core values of the brand.


“The term denizen literally means ‘citizen of the world,’” said Ross Klein, Global Head Luxury & Lifestyle Brands, Hilton Hotels Corporation. “We created this new brand in homage to guests who desire and deserve the best hotel experiences, both on an emotional and functional level. We are excited to introduce this new concept and look forward to welcoming the denizens of the world to our properties.”


Denizen Hotels will offer a global voice with a local accent – cultivating a community for guests to connect within each unique location. In addition, Denizen Hotels will benefit from being a part of Hilton’s global infrastructure that supports a worldwide network of more than 3,200 hotels and 545,000 rooms in 77 countries. Highlighting local expertise, and blending with a solid support network, Denizen properties will provide an exceptional and practical experience at accessible prices in urban, non-urban and resort destinations.


Social, interactive spaces will be at the heart of the Denizen Hotels brand, welcoming guests and providing exclusive hubs for relaxation and inspiration. From communal style society restaurant tables for the epicurean explorers to rejuvenation zones which will provide a personal technology-rich haven before or after check-in, Denizen Hotels creates a living community, anticipating guest needs and desires in and outside of their rooms and suites. Harnessing the diversity of world renowned architects and interior designers such as Charles Allem, Clodagh and David Rockwell to shape and envision each space, Denizen Hotels’internal and external spaces will reflect the influence and eclecticism of world class international design.


Denizen Hotels is primarily aimed at the globally-conscious modern traveler. With developments planned in cosmopolitan, urban cities as well as resort destinations, Denizen Hotels provides for everything from an inspiring urban weekend getaway to a rejuvenating retreat or smart business trip in destinations across the globe.


Denizen Hotels will range from unique, select experiences to larger destination resorts, creating a unified yet eclectic brand with the assurance of the Hilton brand reputation. Active development negotiations are currently underway for resorts and destinations in key cities throughout the globe; including, but not limited to Abu Dhabi, Austin, Beverly Hills (California), Buenos Aires, Cancun, Hollywood (California), Istanbul, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, London, Los Cabos, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai, New York City, Panama City and Washington D.C.


“Hilton Hotels’ Luxury and Lifestyle brands have heralded a return to the authenticity of Conrad Hilton’s original vision, as realized in the 1950s,” added Ross Klein. “We listened to the comments and needs of our Hilton loyalists and are excited to introduce Denizen Hotels as our latest addition to these complementary, best-in-class brands.”


For additional information on Denizen Hotels, please visit http://www.denizenhotels.com.

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Are you a self-realized maverick, a nocturnal socialite or an eco innovator? Then you may be interested to learn that Hilton has designed a new lifestyle brand for you, under the name Denizen Hotels.


The new brand is officially due to be unveiled later this week, but the website is already up and running (to a fashion) at denizenhotels.com. The site’s content is pretty cryptic at the moment, with references to six personality types, associated with six locations (a clue to future Denizen hotels?):


The Self-realized Maverick – Hollywood

The Tech(nomad) – New York

The Nocturnal Socialite – London

The Eco Warrior – Las Vegas

The Cultural Cognoscente – Istanbul

The Epicurian Explorer – Montreal


Other clues as to the brand’s influences come from phrases popping up on the screen, such as “I am on business but i want it to be a pleasure” and “I want to feel socially reponsible in my consumer choices”. The site also says that “each property will be smart in design, cultural in character and sensitive in service delivery”.


For those of you who didn’t know, the definition of denizen in the Oxford English Dictionary is:


1) an inhabitant; occupant; resident

2) an individual permanently resident in a foreign country where he enjoys certain rights of citizenship

3) a plant or animal established in a place to which it is not native.


So there you go. That’s about all we know for now, but you can expect businesstraveller.com to have further updates later this week.


Visit denizenhotels.com


Report by Mark Caswell


Update: Hilton has released a statement saying that active development negotiations are currently underway for Denizen resorts and destinations in key cities throughout the globe; including, but not limited to Abu Dhabi, Austin, Beverly Hills (California), Buenos Aires, Cancun, Hollywood (California), Istanbul, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, London, Los Cabos, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai, New York City, Panama City and Washington D.C.

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Glad to see Montreal is on the forefront again for hoteliers. Charles Allem, Clodagh and David Rockwell are reknounded designers. Looks to me as if Hilton wants a share of the boutique market. Small to medium sized, hip, green locally branded hotels.

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Also interesting to note that Waldof Astoria is part of Hilton luxury brands.


With the Bonaventure and Denizen that would give them three properties downtown (assuming Denizen is built downtown and W A is built at all).


They also have the Garden Inn on Sherbrooke/Bleury and the Embassy suites in Old Montreal


Just like Marriott have the chateau champlain, Residences Inn (Peel) the rumored JW Marriott (or has it been cancelled) Cathcart/University, Springhill suites in old mtl, another residences inn on lincoln, Courtyard on Sherbrooke that makes 6 already built + 1 proposed,


it's not uncommon for hotel chains to have many of their brands in the same city, different market for each chains.

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This is very interesting news. I follow the Hotel business and Montreal is quite recognized today as being a leading tourist destination with a highly regarded reputation. We all know that Montreal's hotel development was near to none for 20 plus years. So no surprise that we're like a newly re-discovered market. Montreal is in good company with many of those cities mentioned. In fact, Montreal and downtown Hollywood share a similar story. The place was literally abandoned in the 1970's and hit the skids until the late 1990's' early 2000's.

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