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  1. Le Walt Disney Concert Hall à Los Angeles et l'opéra de Guangzhou, deux oeuvres similaires des deux mêmes architectes, n'ont pas du tout le même panache international pour autant, et n'ont pas réussi à devenir d'aussi importants landmarks. Même chose pour le Library and learning Centre de Hadid à l'université de Vienne, son bâtiment à la City University de Hong Kong... Tous des bâtiments interchangeables, qui n'apportent rien à "L'image de la ville" de ces villes là. Disagree: The Walt Disney Concert Hall has overtaken the fame of the Bilbao Guggenheim. It has become an icon of Los Angeles; because the city so much more famous, Gehry's LA project has since eclipsed Bilbao. It was also designed first - though completed later.
  2. Honestly, wish they would just build a mixed-use tower: 23 floors of office plus 20 floors of hotel on top.
  3. About the only view of it I like.
  4. Hopefully! That block is certainly deserving of it (and the building is gorgeous). It's the other side of the street where the buildings are hideous - I'd like to see a redevelopment there; same with the SE corner of Drummond. In dire need of a new building.
  5. I think the rendering was better than what the reality is.
  6. UGH. Awful. The design is really all over the board. Frankly, on Sherbrooke, they should be able to build as tall as Medical Arts or the Linton across the street; no need to keep a 3-story max standard here when the city is densifying.
  7. I have the same hypothesis. When I first moved to LA 18 years ago, I was so taken aback by everyone talking to me -saying hello, wanting to converse in the street, hiking, etc... wasn't used to that in Montreal.
  8. Honestly, great building for Apple to have moved into. Clearly Ardene was ready to pounce on this location.
  9. Don't forget that the zoning plan was also designed so that the skyline matched the silhouette of Mount Royal... a cute concept that can most definitely hurt economic development in the long term.
  10. That is an interesting choice - not exactly a top tier building and on a busy commercial street like Ste Cath.
  11. I have never bought the argument that the Seaway was the death-knell for Montreal's position as the economic engine of Canada: it was almost obsolete when it opened and never reached max usage. (Not sure how it performs today).
  12. Union Station, Royal York Hotel, and Commerce Court were all indicators of Toronto's future - in retrospect, of course.
  13. And we have lift-off: finally something rising from this lot!