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  1. Surprised to see them use balconies like this!
  2. Given the funky shape of the lot, do we know what the back of the building looks like??
  3. At some point in the future, as we run out of 200M-zoned lots, the city will have to reexamine the zoning as it will become a business development issue. Either increase the FAR ratio on smaller lots and/or allow more lots to be designated 200M. There are a few existing buildings on 200m lots that are tear-downs.
  4. This one was the best - most exciting and fresh. I believe JLP Architects.
  5. I'm pretty happy with the chosen one. Big, monolithic. A little conservative, but it's a Canadian bank: pretty par for the course. It's going to make a huge impact on the skyline.
  6. Strange location for a parking garage, no? Unless it's for employees.
  7. Flew out of YUL yesterday to the US: anyone know what they are building just south of the Transborder jetty? Huge construction projet. I assume a cargo facility...
  8. Let's study it a 3km natural extension for 5 million bucks - can we just dust off one of the other previous studies and get to it?
  9. What I expected. Hard to really judge it though: details are everything.
  10. 🤣🤣 This has to be one of the worst renderings of anything I've ever seen... in addition the the the rock climbing wall and water slide, they should have added something from the airport people can relate to/a point of reference.
  11. The views onto Mt Royal from the upper floors of the north side are going to be stunning and will command a premium. In many ways, this is one of the best situated luxury condos projects: Sherbrooke and Peel (heart of the GSM) with pretty unobstructed views from the high floors of city and mountain.
  12. Let's just say Le Drummond and Le Centre Sheraton are both lackluster architecturally and aesthetically.
  13. Landside is going to be a big mess but an exciting one!
  14. Clearly occupancy rates and RevPar (revenue per available room) are indicating to developers that there is a need for more hotel rooms. Also, Montreal seems to be a unique hospitality market where smaller boutique/lifestyle properties tend to be more popular and do well - they are the types of properties that also generate the higher room rates. Montreal saw a lot of older hotels close over the last few years and newer filling to void (e.g.: AC, Holiday Inn) so there may have been a net loss/gain. Montreal remains a very popular destination and a hotel on Phillips Square is a no brainer location-wise. Plus less than 200 rooms is not going to flood the market.