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  1. Can't wait for the street wall, this section of de la Montagne to be fully built.... next we have to work on the section between. R-L and Ste Cath.
  2. Thanks. I was wondering how someone was using the Eastern brand (name, livery, colors). Might as well put it to use!
  3. The skyline is filling in from all angles.
  4. Agreed. We're lucky it's mostly a tunnel and then a trench. Could have been MUCH worse.
  5. That driveway between YUL 2 and the Holiday Inn. Bad urban planning.
  6. Westcliff's defunct proposed Cite Internationale 2 is a 30-story building. They built the parking/foundation for it. So another 10-15 stories is certainly possible.
  7. ICAO is built directly above the autoroute. And yes, just look at Hudson Yards... this lot is 200M, so yes, it's possible.
  8. Gorgeous shot. The lighting is A++
  9. I feel like Monit missed the boat much condo construction and with a branded project with Waldorf, this should have been built! Plus the whole GSM is having renaissance. Strange to me. But I guess they couldn't get the financing.
  10. Alternatively, using Rocco's numbering: 1 and 2 are department store (smaller footprint that the current Bay) and #3 is hotel or creative office. $ and 5 is a new residential tower.
  11. The bay is a stunning building and if anything, would make great creative office space or apartments. The smaller square building (the original Morgans) is ideal for retail of course as it's on Ste Catherine Street. I have always found it amazing that The Bay has completely let this flagship store rot; but unless the Bay disappears from the retail landscape completely in Canada, would they really leave downtown Montreal without a store? I guess it's possible.
  12. In an ideal world, this lot is combined with those fronting R-L Blvd for a proper assemblage and thus a major mixed use project with an office component and apartment on the upper level. Sadly we are going to be stuck with buildings on R-L Blvd that are really tear-downs: not sure it'll make much economic sense to replace them given the zoning (i.e.: FAR). That said, a nearly 200M tower east of PVM is very very welcome and it'll have a huge impact.
  13. Reminds me and has the feel of Houston Street in NYC. Specially the Lower East Side.
  14. I think the concept was better than the reality - it's high concept/avant-garde that kinda failed. Initially I thought it looked great. Now, I'm not loving the look.