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  1. Considering that this lot - irrespective of the church - is zoned for 200m by-right, not sure their demand that the tower be reduced in height to 92m is valid. Also, won't a 92m building also dominate over the church? Taller and slender would be much more advisable here and provide a greater opportunity to highlight the church - juxtapose it against a sleek glassy backdrop. Just look at how the current BNC HQ blocks the Bell Telephone building completely from view as an example of this flawed thinking.
  2. Reminds me a bit of this going-up in downtown LA....
  3. More like Ville St Laurent. Right around Thimens and Cavendish.
  4. This project will cover a few very ugly facades....
  5. Don't think so... maybe if there were a few more blocks zoned for 120m or 120m+, but this area is pretty limited with big building potential - other than Square Victoria and a redevelopment of the EVO/Hyatt/Grand Hotel site one day. The city would have to re-examine zoning.
  6. Don't worry, it's not only a Montreal thing. Podiums are very common in LA.
  7. They are definitely at the most challenging part of this building - the twisting, angular part of the super-structure.
  8. A trade off could have been more height (more units) for better finishes/architecture. It seems that the city planners and powers-that-be get so caught-up in height and density.
  9. In 3 years or so, de Bleury is going to be worthy of the "Greatest Street Transformation" award.
  10. This project is so slow I often forget about it!
  11. Impressive but Soviet-looking in terms of aesthetics; heavy with all the pre-fab.
  12. One more regular-sized floor to go and then the setbacks begin.
  13. That is one elegant building. The twin would have been stunning.
  14. Cite International #2 was a 30-storey building and I believe the foundations that exist support that. The lot is zoned 120m+/200m.
  15. They really have slowed on the cladding and window installation.
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