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  1. I think it fits the composition perfectly. I'm more perplexed by the Desjardins logo... who approved that??! It looks like they forgot to finish it.
  2. Love this. Looks super chic. Worth of a luxury shopping street. Unfortunately, it probably made zero economic sense to make it taller. Plus it works with the scale of the rest of the street. The Eggspectation building is the odd man in the equation.
  3. That's nuts! It's been open less than 2 years? I'd be shocked if they can get out of the FS contract that easily.
  4. Here we go: now it starts to climb!
  5. It's a beautiful building. Defiantly worthy of preservation. Interested to see the renderings.
  6. I thought this for a long time... perfect, really.
  7. We all like to critique Griffintown's height limitations that is resulting in a pretty flat skyline - to say nothing of the lackluster architecture - but from certain angles, it shows as a beefy, dense addition to the greater downtown cityscape. Imagine when it's fully-built-out....
  8. Adding colour is one thing - I like the direction Montreal has been going with building lighting- but getting flashing lights and laser beams is where I draw my line.
  9. I'm liking it so far. Too bad everything is going to be the same height in this neighborhood.
  10. Or they sell the parcel at 700 Peel.
  11. I like it, but it does seems really out of scale here. A missed opportunity for sure. The city planning dept should have recommended that all the heights on St Antoine be increased to the 150-170 range similar to the derogation that the CF got for TDC 2 and 3; I mean, with the downslope, distance from the Mountain and the fact that all there is here are big buildings and viaducts, and ramps, etc..
  12. I find it interesting that a lot so close to Ste Catherine street is zoned for 200m with max density when, if you travel westward, closer to PVM and CIBC, 1250, etc... the heights and densities are pretty restrictive, especially around Mc Gill College-de Maisonneuve-PVM axis.
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