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  1. Still bad. And it's buddy next door -though it's slightly better looking given the lack of blind walls.
  2. I like them. And I like the white panels... obviously meant to create a checkerboard with the balconies in a inventive way. You can't say it's not original. From afar, YUL stands out in the skyline too even though only 120 meters.
  3. Hardly. It's actually pretty basic capitalism in a society that is pretty regulation based, especially when it comes to the economy. The density and height allowable in Montreal is also pretty regulated too - limiting to the profitability of the development in question. The city is growing and expanding and needs to densify.
  4. YUL 1 & II really stand apart... very unique look within the skyline.
  5. This should be made a proper street again (it's basically an alleyway now) OR they should build a giant glass atrium down the whole axis and create a grand entrance to Gare Central; basically lose the street.
  6. Wow. That's not very many parking stalls for such a massive structure! Any redevelopment here has got to open-up Gare Centrale and Belmont Street or at the very least, create a new Hall for Gare Centrale from de la Gauchetiere. Something. Just keeping this parking garage and building on top is lazy. I would hope that the city planning department and other voices would ask for/require better design and functionality for such a centerpiece of mass transit in downtown.
  7. Because the Montreal economy declined, stalled, was left in the dust, for 30 years... the business district shifted and consolidated between PVM and McGill University during that time. And now with empty lots being built on, the CBD expanding southward again (Deloitte, BNC), condo towers sprouting everywhere, and mass transit now in expansion mode (REM), its value is now obvious.
  8. I think we're going to start to see it more often as the empty surface lots disappear.
  9. Of that whole 1950's CN complex, the CN Building is actually the best. The Queen E is ugly. Terminal Tower is ugly, the original ICAO isn't great and the smaller office building on R-B and de la Gauchetiere is also ugly.
  10. Defiantly needs a cleaning. The grills need replacing as they are damaged in some places - looks awful.
  11. Just keep the vertical lighting.
  12. I do love the set-back on the shorter tower and how they are incorporating the remaining stone wall. Well done there.
  13. A loss for sure... we don't have a lot of red sandstone buildings in Montreal and this was arguably one of the largest and best.
  14. That it will activate the street and that corner is what I like best.
  15. My god, build this. I thought it was NY for a second. But I see the Toronto in it too.... fine with me.