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  1. Westcliff have no idea how to go about building office. lol. They should just bow out. Though they now own 2 of the most coveted, well situated, remaining empty lots in town. On another note, this lot is perfect for a public parking structure for Ste Catherine Street - the city should get into a JV with Westcliff or buy the lot and JV with someone else: city runs the garage and the partner builds office of residential on top.
  2. The REM station is going to be the first thing to go in there so demolition of the current parking structure can't be far off... plus they have to set-up the temporary drop-off area.
  3. Wow. Sexy. Chic. Going to really transform the east side of the downtown core.
  4. I don't think we know the lighting scheme yet...
  5. Thanks! I totally forgot about this row of buildings. Good refresher.
  6. Are they recreating that corner of a building that used to be there? I've never know any building there in my lifetime.... are they looking are archival photos for this?
  7. Delays aside, it's a good-looking building.
  8. this block is going to have some kick-ass density.... and really varied heights and styles.
  9. I think that SAQ is the wrong retailer to be located here.
  10. Gorgeous. Really unique and elegant.
  11. And with 1 lane of traffic on Ste Cath in the future, it's going to look downright ghostly at certain times.
  12. The problem now on Ste Cath is that there are too many small or tiny spaces that aren't well-suited to the international retailers that covet the street say between The Bay and Cresent Street. And the street is clearly going more upscale. I'd like to see some consolidation of spaces by demo-ing the smaller buildings and making them better suited for the retail environment of today. Here is one location.
  13. To be fair, this is under the approach to YUL - located roughly between the parallel runways.