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  1. Either way, landslide is a mess at YUL. The need for a larger ramp is a must.
  2. If you count the windows, it's 40+ stories. This proposal/rendering certainly doesn't look residential.
  3. I don't think this was for the Sq Vic. site.
  4. It has some interesting elements and features for sure, but it's not a "wow" for me.
  5. Am I the only one, when looking at this pic, imagining a 200m tower going up right where HEC is being built... 😝
  6. Given the price they paid for the lot, a high risk gamble this late in the economic cycle for sure, coronavirus or not.
  7. One of the better views of the Bell Centre 🤣
  8. I'm sure this has been discussed but we can't really have another station named Pie-IX? I've always thought the actual Pie-IX should be named Olympique or Parc Olympique....
  9. This location has to include a commercial component.... a la VSP.
  10. By June/July, the lobby and base will be up. Do we know it this will be steel frame tower or concrete construction?
  11. Couldn't agree more: enough with the twin tower projects. IMHO, the only prestigious lot left that is still basically that, an empty lot, is Square Victoria. Then we start to get into redevelopment site where existing buildings are demo-worthy.
  12. CN. Time for a tower in that location.
  13. As much as I love skyscrapers and Montreal was in dire need to a beefier skyline, I'm not so consumed by super-talls or towers more than say, 250 meters. I'm totally fine with having many, many 180-200 meter towers vs a few very tall ones. At this point in history, skyscrapers are becoming a dime a dozen in cities; it's going to become unique when a city doesn't have any. Or has a moderate skyline. What I love about Montreal is the texture of the urban fabric. Certainly unique in Canada. When PVM, CIBC were completed, it was pretty exceptional even by world standards. I would venture to say that the Empire State or Chrystler Building are famous because of context: when they were built.
  14. I think we can already say it is having an impact: CF Fairview is upping its game. Perhaps that was already in the cards before Royalmount was announced but I bet CF is really paying attention now re: Fairview.
  15. Well, 65 meters is not outrageously tall... frankly, I'm more concerned about the design and the materials, finishing.