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  1. You know one is going to be 180m? I'm thinking more like 200m and 60m. There is a reason the ICAO building is built the way it is and take a look at the now very old phase II of Cite International....
  2. No doubt about it: one tower is going to be shorter as the north portion of the lot has the expressway beneath it.
  3. Wow. A transformational tower - for the skyline, the neighborhood, architecturally. This will have the impact the BNC wanted.
  4. Spinning their wheels: the debate makes no sense. Limiting the height to 232.5 metres (200m) is quite literally only symbolic at this point.
  5. For the most part I agree. But, I can see the Sheraton Centre and the EVO demolished at some point given the value of the land and the existing zoning allowances on each respective site - plus their exceptional locations. Hotels are easy to redevelop too: you close at 5PM one day and demo can start the next morning. With an office building, it's much more difficult with varied lease terms (i.e.: harder to empty).
  6. Honestly, the top of this tower is going to make-it or break-it for me. So far it's just kinda "meh." It's really a very post-Modern design but heavy on the Deco.
  7. Hopefully the ground-level facade of its neighbor gets restored properly.
  8. Exactly. Given a lot or block with 250m limit, it's unlikely you will get a building that high or all buildings built that high. But give a lot or block a 120m limit, and it's very likely going to be built that high. Economics has a lot to do with it of course, but some limits are simply too low. The Roccabella block and the CCE block are both zoned for 200m and not a single tower will reach that height.
  9. It's really all Montreal needs in terms of one super-tall, iconic tower in the middle of the downtown core. There has been some pushback / controversy with Coderre's announcement that height limits need to be re-thought so as to increase density, but the reality is, - and we all know it - the masterplan is going to be due for a revamp sooner rather than later: with all the surface lots are quickly disappearing and all the lots with the max density being built on, it's going to be an economic development problem - regardless of whether or not the 200 metre cap is changed or not.
  10. Whatever one may think of the design and "preservation" of these old row houses, I love that they are returning to their original vocation: upscale housing.
  11. Lots of luxury towers have no outdoor space/ balconies. In Montreal: Port Royal, Westmount Square.
  12. It would surprise me if a tech company - like Google - comes in and leases like 80% of this building in one shot: it's a winner with the big floor plates, the outdoor terraces, and the location, location, location.
  13. Agreed 100%. There needs to be a major land-use/master plan developed for this mega block with the city taking the lead. I'd love to see Belmont street turned into a huge glass hall for Gare Central - from Mansfield to R-B. Think Calatrava. Obviously some of the existing buildings are worthy of demo/re-development over time so a plan that really encompasses the next several decades of needs to considered. And yes, this is probably the one area where a 250 meter height limit could be adopted; it's so central in the skyline that one iconic building would not interfere with Mount Royal's d
  14. Pretty good result. The Duke Investment building could have been more creatively incorporated (with a setback atop perhaps) but I'm just glad its preserved.
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