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  1. internationalx

    1 Square-Phillips - ?? étages

    They are working on it! Concepts and designs take time. Who knows what their process is like. Plus, they are rushed given Quinzecent - they just launched that one.
  2. internationalx

    628 Saint-Jacques - 35 étages

    Here we go!
  3. internationalx

    Victoria sur le Parc - 57 étages

    Do we know what the sales figures are so far? % of units sold or reserved?
  4. internationalx

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    We're going to run out of empty lots....
  5. internationalx

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    I know several people here in LA who have flown to ATH via YUL over the last few years.
  6. internationalx

    Heritage threatened by towers? I wasn't sure where to put this but felt this section was appropriate. While the piece brings up valid and important issues about heritage preservation, I find that it has such a anti-development undertone and focuses on building heights of towers more than anything else; I wish there would be a focus on architectural quality and standards more so than the perennial boogeyman of towers! She seems to be suggesting that skyscrapers are anathema to heritage preservation and to the livable city. Obviously, some neighborhoods - built neighborhoods - are to be preserved as low-rise but in the downtown core / CBD, to complain about towers? Griffintown is banal not because of the 20-storey limit but because the architecture is banal.
  7. internationalx

    Terrains vacants « South Blocks » - ?? étages

    I think the better example of a development that includes a train station is The Shard in London. I think her you build over the tracks- using the air rights - to build one tall tower with a base that goes from Mansfield to R-B Boul.
  8. internationalx

    Terrains vacants « South Blocks » - ?? étages

    It's +120 meters... I believe it's zoned for the max 200.
  9. internationalx

    Enticy - 22 étages

    I'm glad they aren't going 120M like YUL and Holiday Inn... a little height variation!!
  10. internationalx

    366 rue Sherbrooke Ouest / coin Bleury (Hôtel de 20 étages)

    I actually really like the proposal. It was only a matter of time this lot/site was built on. Hotel is an obvious one too given the QdS... I agree that the demo of the grey stone is unfortunate and that they could probably just alter one facade to create a nice hotel entrance. But overall, the glassy overhang above doesn't squash the town homes and looks to be set-back enough to let them breath.
  11. internationalx

    Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    Highly anticipated. Let's hope this spurs some nice development (retail especially) along the de la Montagne, axis and even south of Ste Cath.
  12. internationalx

    Humaniti - 39 étages

  13. internationalx

    Enticy - 22 étages

    Much better than the earlier rendering. Though I'm still not a fan of the hanging balconies and the square margins; I would have to see the west and north facades to better judge the whole thing; if they mirror those in the rendering, then I think it's pretty great.
  14. internationalx

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    Ok. But Montreal developed in the post-war years around the automobile. This part of the island, while very built-up and urban, is simply nothing like the pre-war inner city neighborhoods closer to downtown where you can walk, and take the metro or ride a bike. And unless you are going to start tearing down these built-up neighborhoods full of single family homes, and replace them with triplexes and apartment buildings, the car is still going to exist for a long time. Moreover, the Metro coverage isn't exactly like the MTA in Manhattan where there is a subway station every few blocks. No one wants to ride a bike in the winter. And the reality is, people still LOVE their cars, in fact, they are buying bigger vehicles crossover etc... so yeah, a mall like this isn't so ridiculous. At least there is a Metro station at de la Savane.
  15. internationalx

    Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    Man, that SAQ looks so cheap from the the street. Next to Wanda's no less. Classy.