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  1. Wow. Never seen this! CN also has some gigantic designs for the Central Station mega block. Damn Depression.
  2. The section facing R-L isn't bad; the "tower" in the rear is poorly proportioned in relation to the R-L building; it should have been taller by 5-7 floors. Also, it's design is straight out of VSL.
  3. Wow. Fabulous. I guess skyscrapers are back in fashion in Montreal; it's been awhile. LOL.
  4. Looks like the original limestone though.
  5. Built in 58. Still a handsome building. Hope they don't mess around with it too much as they did with the old Prudential building across from PVM.
  6. This one will be massive compared to all the condo towers we are watching rise... the large floor plates with a height of 200M is gonna be impressive.
  7. 500 Place d'Armes is actually in my top 5 favorite list. I think it's really well situated: all the buildings around the Place represent a certain epoch of Montreal's development - each of them formative eras, most of the glorious. The fact that it's such an elegant and well proportioned International Style building -obviously representing the 60's boom when Montreal made a splash on the world stage - makes it an exceptional and perfect fit for Place d'Armes in my view.
  8. As long as this turns out to be dark curtain wall, then it's going to amazing; love how they handled balconies/terraces. This is sexy AF: two monolithic, slim towers.
  9. Too early to tell; I need to see more.
  10. Exactly. SOMETHING major is going to be built here because of its central location; stopping Royalmount isn't going to make development here go away. We all know the road network here is deficient and was poorly thought through from the beginning - that's the bigger problem in an of itself.
  11. There's plenty of places where the city has zoned 200 m and it drops to 80 m or 65 m right next door/on the next block.
  12. Cool! I have always wondered how, if they had to re-instate YMX for passengers one day, re-work the land-use; the original concept was flawed (I'm not referring to the location!) even the land-use wasn't efficient; sets of parallel runways with terminals in the center is the best way to go especially for any hub airport. From 2014: is this just ADM having future options?
  13. Anything that get built here - regardless if its a new destination mall/center like Royalmount or exclusively housing or offices - is going to cause traffic; this is a HUGE swath of land unused/under-used in the middle of the Island of Montreal.
  14. It would be nice to get a new tour phare that isn't so conservative; obviously when PVM, CIL, Bourse, and CIBC were built, those were so avant-garde for the city - any city - in that era. But looking at the Montreal skyline, we really could use something outside the box so-to-speak. 750 Peel was exciting but that's been squashed. That said, North America is getting pretty boxy and un-inspired skyscrapers generally. Even NYC is mostly getting boxy designs in towers.