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  1. Honestly, Phase I looks like it's straight out of 1975. Phase II will be a welcome addition with its glassy envelope.
  2. Awful. They ruined an otherwise handsome late 1950's building.
  3. Well, the CN/Gare Centrale mega block is truly the center; and it's going to be due for a mega re-development. I'm just hoping it's done right this time. I do like that PVM is somewhat isolated from the rest - the emerging clusters - and stands on her own.
  4. I'm really digging this: the density is going to be awesome and so will the contrast of style. Enticy being glass and Dorchester Apt being black pre-fab. Add in the Mid-Century Maritime hotel and the Victorians and this block could be one hell of an interesting composition.
  5. I just think that Canvar found a niche and no one feels the need to get in on it. Canvar too has deep relationships with the hotel operators - the parent companies of relatively few global brands - so that may have something to do with it.
  6. Hopefully, the developer of that site, whoever that will be, asks for a deviation. I would think the "effet escalier" argument would be an easy sell. A 120m tower would allow for better integration.
  7. At the rate things are moving, and now that we're into the redevelopment phase - tearing down existing buildings - it may not be a blind wall for long.
  8. Different time the 1960's. The culture was different. Banks used to to build for an image they wanted to portray. They used to spend a fortune building even local bank branches that were architecturally-worthy. Now they just rent a space and slap their name over the door.
  9. I liked this one the best. However, the design they chose has grown on me a lot. It's a major Canadian bank - the epitome of conservative. I wouldn't expect them to go with "audacious."
  10. How about the Bell Telephone Building on Beaver Hall? Completely hidden and boxed-in. I think the fears of a tall, slender, residential building blocking part of 1250 are overblown. If anything, they should push for a taller and slender silhouette and not a shorter, fatter building at 92 metres. And depending on the angle you're viewing, 1250 is hardly hidden. This lot is zoned for 200m, and density of 12. I think the urban planners should have changed that if they were concerned about views from the mountain and of 1250.
  11. Isn't this lot/block zoned for 200m? They can't arbitrarily take away height rights like that. Not surprised however about the concern of overshadowing the church.
  12. In this case, the MAA is getting new facilities - which they probably badly wanted - and they get to stay in the same place.
  13. I think it fits the composition perfectly. I'm more perplexed by the Desjardins logo... who approved that??! It looks like they forgot to finish it.
  14. Love this. Looks super chic. Worth of a luxury shopping street. Unfortunately, it probably made zero economic sense to make it taller. Plus it works with the scale of the rest of the street. The Eggspectation building is the odd man in the equation.
  15. That's nuts! It's been open less than 2 years? I'd be shocked if they can get out of the FS contract that easily.
  16. Here we go: now it starts to climb!
  17. It's a beautiful building. Defiantly worthy of preservation. Interested to see the renderings.
  18. I thought this for a long time... perfect, really.
  19. We all like to critique Griffintown's height limitations that is resulting in a pretty flat skyline - to say nothing of the lackluster architecture - but from certain angles, it shows as a beefy, dense addition to the greater downtown cityscape. Imagine when it's fully-built-out....
  20. Adding colour is one thing - I like the direction Montreal has been going with building lighting- but getting flashing lights and laser beams is where I draw my line.
  21. I'm liking it so far. Too bad everything is going to be the same height in this neighborhood.
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