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fDi magazine names North American Cities of the Future


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Voir document:



Voici les tableaux comprenant des villes du Québec:




Top ten major cities of the future


1 Chicago Illinois United States

2 Toronto Ontario Canada

3 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States

4 Atlanta Georgia United States

5 Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

6 Baltimore Maryland United States

7 Montreal Quebec Canada

8 Mexico City Federal District Mexico

9 Boston Massachusetts United States

10 Miami Florida United States


Major cities - best economic potential


1 Chicago Illinois United States

2 Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

3 Atlanta Georgia United States

4 Mexico City Federal District Mexico

5 Montreal Quebec Canada


Major cities - quality of life


1 Toronto Ontario Canada

2 New York New York State United States

3 Chicago Illinois United States

4 Boston Massachusetts United States

5 Montreal Quebec Canada


Large cities - quality of life


1 Quebec Quebec Canada

2 Charlotte North Carolina United States

3 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States

4 Orlando Florida United States

5 Richmond Virginia United States


Small cities - best development and investment promotion


1 Huntsville Alabama United States

2 Windsor Ontario Canada

3 Durango Durango Mexico

4 Sherbrooke Quebec Canada

5= St. Johns New Foundland and Labrador Canada

5= Waterloo Ontario Canada


Small cities - best infrastructure


1 Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

2 Gatineau Quebec Canada

3 Huntsville Alabama United States

4 Waterloo Ontario Canada

5= Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico

5= Windsor Ontario Canada

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>>> Is it me, or is local media in Quebec too negative? Montreal has been ranking well in a number of international surveys, yet the media in Quebec tends to focus only on very negative stories. Wouldn't they be more useful if they actually contributed to the promotion of a certain pride vis-à-vis Québec's achievements?


(NB: I'm well aware that 1.7% GDP growth is pretty lame, but...)

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  • Administrator

the media here is way too negative, but if that is the reason why Montreal is doing better then by all mean let them continue :)


Montreal has soo much potential, if a bit more people believed in it, we would be one of the best city on earth (to some we're already there).


GDP at 1.7% is not that bad, considering how Ontario with the same economic structure has done. Our sectors of the future are doing very very well so the future is looking promising for us.

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