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At ease, everybody wondering about all the noise in Old Montreal on Friday afternoon: The city’s annual Military Culture Festival has kicked off at the Old Port.

Until Monday, a host of activities will be taking place there, including live military music, the opportunity to climb into the cockpits of military jets, and a chance to see the Canadian Forces parachute team in action.

And of course, those nearby can watch – and hear – low-level fly-bys by CF-18 jets.

For more information on the festival, visit http://anarmyofculture.ca


Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Military+Culture+Festival+starts+with+roar/7174534/story.html#ixzz25Kfon5Z5


It was interesting being in Old Montreal yesterday and seeing multiple CF-18s flying by. Plus I was reading, there was a mini anti-war protest also going on because of this. I saw some comments on Twitter and some news website about, how some people feel bad for refugees that left war-torn nations to come here and to hear fighter planes again. It does suck, but they could have went to Costa Rica or Liechtenstein seeing both those nations do not have a military (I know that is really mean).

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