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Le Sherbrooke - 25 étages


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    il y a 39 minutes, SonnyT31 a dit :

    Big project coming soon 

    stay tuned 🤐

    Laches en un peu plus pour avoir notre attention.... lol car l, ca reste tres sommaire comme propos.

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    On 2019-06-21 at 9:29 PM, Rocco said:

    Lets hope they dont put the driveway directly on Sherbrooke st. Such a poor urban design. 

    Exactly, i walk my dog in the area there is always traffic at the light imagine a huge hotel there.

    (highlighted is where the driveway would be and where all other traffic would come from)

    At least if the hotel gets built next to Beatrice (the restaurant next to the parking lot) wouldn't need to keep spray painting their walls every weekend due to the graffiti!


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    Just gimme a big bold tall glass condo tower with a row of houses on Sherbrooke frontage and I'll be super satisfied. Why would it have to be absolutely a Waldorf or an hotel? Hope someone with deep pocket buys the land and gives us a project asap.

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