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  1. I know we are all dreaming about height and densification, but I am sure we will see something similar to the 2004 version of the project. It has to be affordable, so this would be the "best" option.
  2. Olymbec is no longer the owner of the project. The land has been sold to 6775 DÉCARIE INC last year in April. Also BSR Groupe declared bankruptcy last year in June...
  3. I don't think they will go for a building of 20-25 stories, just because that would mean that they will have to ask for a zoning change or go for a projet particulier... If they do that the city might ask them to build a school, which is needed in the area... The 10% they are using for public space is the new rule of Ville-Marie: Frais de parcs Le Règlement relatif à la cession pour fins d’établissement, de maintien et d’amélioration de parcs, de terrains de jeux et de préservation d’espaces naturels sur le territoire de la Ville de Montréal (17-055) entraine l’obligation pour un propriétaire d’un terrain vacant ou bâti de faire une contribution en argent ou en terrain ne pouvant excéder 10 % de la superficie ou de la valeur du terrain lorsqu’il veut obtenir un permis pour lotir un terrain ou bien y construire ou y transformer un bâtiment principal (ex. un projet de redéveloppement).
  4. They will most likely have a ground floor retail space facing St-Catherine. I expect the residential proportion to be around 80%, and the office proportion to be around 20%. Nevertheless, I am hoping that they include a hotel and a larger office proportion of ca. 25-30%.
  5. It looks like Saint-Denis is doing much better now and is slowly bouncing back. The vacancy rates in March 2016 were 14% and the SDC was hoping to achieve 9% by year end 2018. Does anybody have current or updated vacancy rates? Besides this, we only read about stores closing. However, does anybody have any info about stores planing to open on Saint Denis or who have recently opened?
  6. I would love this to be the case, however I am not sure if it doesn't mean the opposite. Wouldn't you need the lobbyists the most after depositing the project?
  7. I agree you can't force people to not use the car but you can make it more advantageous for them to use public transport (high densification, great public transport). Look at London or New York, why would you have a car there? Can we force healthy people on welfare to work? Unfortunately, we can't, but we should be able to...
  8. 100% agree. Most people are confused why I try to explain to them that we have to be pro-business because businesses are actually making us work and are mostly responsible for any investments.
  9. Very well said. Finally somebody who understands what the downtown needs
  10. Is this picture from today? Would be an odd time to start with any excavation work... Maybe they're doing some tests?
  11. Many thanks! I actually expected the contamination to be much higher, but on a big land like this 2-3million dollars is not that much...
  12. Selon le cofondateur de l’entreprise Michael Bertone, les travaux pourraient débuter aussi tôt que dans les prochains mois. «Si tout va bien, on pourrait débuter au printemps 2019. Nous avons eu quelques retards, mais je suis confiant maintenant que nous sommes sur la bonne voie. Une annonce viendra sous peu. Malheureusement, je peux aussi vous confirmer que ce n’est pas un projet de stade.» A bit very optimistic, but great news!
  13. I think this is a great idea and the city could potentially make a nice capital gain, by increasing the density, selling the lots in pieces and while making sure that certain elements are included in the project such as: - A park area - Elements of the current iconic Molson building - … Unfortunately, I don't believe in the execution of the city and especially in certain unrealistic ideas of our current administration: - I don’t think it is a good idea to use this prime land to build a school. A school should be built on another land and could be included for example in the QDL project or any other piece of land without the water view - I don’t think this prime land should be used to include any social or affordable housing. Why should social housing and affordable housing be better located than that of most hard-working middle-class people?
  14. They are "decontaminating" the site without declaring the contaminated soil...
  15. If Prevel is really going to be the owner of the land. I sincerely hope this is the case. Unfortunately, I know that several developers contacted the Bertone brothers and they were not at all interested in selling their land. The site and area have so much potential. I wish we would have more information.