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  1. I also hope they will start soon. I like the look of the rendering and I think that this project will improve the area. Also new rentals are always good. Mondev just bought the Mobico building (corner Maisonneuve & Parthenais), so we should also see a project there soon. This area is booming.
  2. Groupe CDF posted the image of the project a few days ago on their Facebook page. Maybe the project is starting soon.
  3. I am very happy to read that the rest of the project will have a significant office component. This is exactly what this area needs.
  4. Has this already been adopted or when will the change take effect?
  5. This proposition does not create a walk-able city at all. I prefer Prevel's version much more.
  6. S'agit-il uniquement de logements ou aussi d'immeubles de bureaux et des commerces?
  7. Bonnes nouvelles, mais pas vraiment beaucoup d'informations nouvelles. Malheureusement, trop peu, trop tard.
  8. People do live in the apartments, but they rent them. As an owner you should have the right to "kick" people out, while giving them enough time to relocate and a 3 months relocation allowance, if you want to do a new development project on your site.
  9. Voici le projet:
  10. C'est effectivement le problème sur le Plateau. Le processus de délivrance de permis est le plus long à Montréal et les exigences de l'arrondissement sont les plus élevées. Il en résulte des coûts importants pour les promoteurs et pour les commerçants, ce qui les amène à considérer d'autres endroits d'abord.
  11. Je viens d'apprendre que la propriété à l'angle des rues Saint-Denis et Mont-Royal sera rénovée et qu'un agrandissement sera construit.
  12. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait quand les travaux de construction du réseau express vélo débuteront à Saint-Denis ? Sera-t-il positif ou négatif pour les commerçants ?
  13. The city did the right thing to acquire the land for a very low price. However, they should sell the land after it was rezoned at market value because the land will have a premium price. Afterward, the city should use the proceeds to acquire another land, maybe with low-density zoning, rezone the land with a higher density and build a lot of social housing on it. This would benefit the society much more than very expensive social housing with a river view. When I am talking about expensive, I am talking about the opportunity costs and not the actual costs...