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  1. I still don’t like the BN tower. Good work!
  2. Too modern looks like a funeral home you see this massive cathedral and imagine all the glory that it must be and arrive to admire concrete biggest letdown
  3. Boston Bruins Bas brun Brun caca Brown-out désoé... i feel your pain
  4. I hope they rebuild the stone and iron fence
  5. I hate brown and green personal issue however, with all construction in Montreal being blue glass - it may be a good contrast
  6. Honestly, the only thing that can compete with any other city is our diversity, trying to be skyscraper city on the cheap is not what Montreal should aspire to be, scale projects like Maison Alcan or Commerce Mondial should be what Montreal aims to be - respectful of the past, human scale, and integration with the built fabric. non-descript towers that are common to every market like the CH condos shoukd not be our Glory
  7. What Montreal need is in China
  8. PdA ressemble à un gros mini-putt. Une place plus sobre et soignée aurait mieux mis en évidence les salles de spectacles. voir Lincoln Center.
  9. I simply can’t warm up to Griffintown - if saw any of these buildings in any other city - I would not be envious and want them in Montreal, Worst, they are at the forefront of the skyline - representing the worst of development greed in maximizing square footage with mediocre to cheap materials.
  10. The red columns defeat the purpose of a glass ceiling floating above
  11. I don’t like the shape too wide at the top and the curve feels odd I stead of adding grace I find it disturbing
  12. Retraction from previous commment oh no!!!! this is terrible
  13. I appreciate the photo and time you took to post i was commenting on the project itself... nothing out of the ordinary unless they use ultra expensive (durable) materials (which I doubt) everything seems to be done fast and cheap - In 20-30 years, condo owners downtown will be in for a rude awakening