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  1. Does anyone know when the park will be done?
  2. Food sounds good concrete block facade looks like crap
  3. Looks like it has been there forever. réussite!
  4. Stores are empty. Drive thru or pick up only. i meant the model we are accustomed to is dead. Sit down and people watch during work ... gone. i miss it. A lot. I’ve been working remotely since 1999! Somewhere between then and now, Starbucks was my way to feel less isolated.
  5. Same thing happening in NYC and Miami. Stsrbucks is dead.
  6. Is there an instagram acct I can follow sorry, I am not Instagram savvy
  7. Why not put the line on and/or within the Ville Marie Tunnel instead of R.L. Here is the perfect time to cover the tunnel. It is a very short distance from René Lévesque. The idea of a line 5 meters above RL is ridiculous and would destro the city. I always thought RL should be properly landscaped with wide sidewalks - statues or floralies type installations at major cross-streets.
  8. I just stayed a week at the Marriott, Brossard. Without a car, forget about taking the REM from Montreal to go shopping at Dix30. Impossible! it is not pedestrian friendly, I wish I could take the REM from Old Montreal to go do my Adonis shopping (the one at Griffintown sucks). But that will not be feasible. I’ll have to maintain my Communauto membership.
  9. Providing an opportunity to a landlord to destroy a historic bldg caused by neglect should not be upheld.
  10. law 11 in Manhattan. Every 5 years the masonry of buildings must be re-pointed. Waiting 20+ years is a disaster for our heritage.
  11. Three or four mega tall towers would have been sufficient to create enough sq ft for year to come, multi-purpose, and would have protected views of Mont Royal. I defy anyone downtown, Griffintown, Old Montreal to show me a view of the mountain. You need to live on the South Shore to see it. And, most views are not oriented towards Montreal from this vantage point. They put a highway along the St-Lawrence River - who wants to live there? i say build fewer buildings, but when you do, build it tall, and make it a landmark. Too much crap is going up. Pre-fab. Destroying Montreal.
  12. I read some time ago, BG is going to do a WeWork style concept. Looks like a new entrance for a new architectural branding.
  13. I believe this was one of the first car dealership showrooms they should have kept the greystone façade
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