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  1. Are the towers in the Airbnb permitted zone?
  2. steve

    Îlot Balmoral / ONF - 13 étages

    I’m the last person to speak positively of Toronto but Ryerson has this going on, and might be better
  3. steve

    HEC Montréal (pavillon centre-ville) - 8 étages

    Magnifique. Montreal does best on a human scale.
  4. steve

    Griffintown et ses projets - Discussion générale

    Sorry... but, Griffintown is nothing remarkable. Laval or Taschereau meets prime land.
  5. steve

    Reconstruction de l'autoroute Métropolitaine

    sell the air rights to pay for a metro line / or rem, and an underground tunnel the buildings above will connect the two sides. Have some public squares to increase land value in order to build high.
  6. this is what we want in society? give me a break on the point system watch on netflix black mirror: nosedive
  7. my apologies for not being on the forum as much as others but what is the significance numbers in green or red showing up looks like a score - what is this? Black Mirror?
  8. steve

    Station Bassin Peel - Discussion

    what is the logic of placing the station in pte st charles when the majority of residents and workers currently border griffintown and old montreal? also, with a link to the airport, tourists could use the rem to get to Old Montreal, the city’s major destination an eventual stop in pte st charles could be viable when a major residential project is eventually announced for the area
  9. it looks like a mess -like the condo towers all one on top of eachother with cheap cladding near President Kennedy and deBleury they messed up a classic plaza with a Boulevard Taschereau atmosphere of n’importe quoi
  10. Cold, ugly and an insult to the historic Gare Viger
  11. I would place a major one in Bassin Peel
  12. steve

    Viaduc Berri: réaménagement

    They should close it completely. The geography lends itself to an opportunity for a marvelous public space and amphitheatre in the style of the Spanish Steps.
  13. steve

    Vieux-Port de Montréal

    I find it so regretful that the Federal Govt is in charge of this land. I remember too well how they destroyed the police station which could now be the entance for their planned hotel. On another note - i find it strange how Montreal loves to put our tourists in close contact with our homeless clientele and shelters.
  14. steve

    Salubrité du métro de Montréal

    I totally agree. Not to mention the streets, old port and other public spaces. city looks like a dump
  15. steve

    Quartier de la Montagne - 18 étages

    i love it’ wanda has to go and a slim tower needs to go right next to it