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  1. There will be no gap between the buildings according to this render, so my guess is those windows will be filled in Photo taken from here:
  2. I may have missed this but can someone please explain why this building is 40 floors when VSLP is 58 and both buildings are aprox 200m. My guess is that this building the per floor height will be higher?
  3. They probably did not plan for a "Phase 3" of this project. - Rocco was too quick lol
  4. May 22 6pm - Some activity on the site tonight. Seems they are moving machinery onto the lot with some pile drivers!
  5. Je ne sais pas qui publie sur le compte instagram mais merci pour la mention!
  6. New photos on cote vertu garage project
  7. May 12, it seems like construction resumed on this site
  8. The authorization for demolition sign in front of the lot as seen in the two photos is gone. I don’t know if this is because of vandalism, or the project was canned ? Hopefully they went back to the drawing board because the proposed building looked ugly as hell.