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  1. I know this post was posted a while ago but where did you see this ? Could you send a link. I have a friend who is travelling to Poland soon and does not want to connect through Toronto. Thank you
  2. I understand that, but when it comes down to it, i think the city can survive without that one Bureau en Gros next to VSLP since majority of people who go to Bureau en Gros do it at Gare Centrale the proof: The Bureau en Gros on Robert Bourassa is always empty. Also, its more convenient for people to buy things when they hop off the train in the morning or before the hop on the train at night then walking to a B&M store outside their route to and from work. I work in Square Victoria and i would rather walk to the Bureau en Gros 10 min away so that we can get a nice glass tower where the other Bureau en Gros is.
  3. Vincethewipet its due to the construction on runway 06R-24L You are right erpj - Newsletter - Taxiway 06R-24L - August 9 to Sept .pdf
  4. I want it to close because I don't think there is a market for it. Don't forget that there is already a Bureau en Gros in Gare Centrale (Below) a mere 10 minute walk from the one next to VSLP. Therefore, everyone who takes the Deux Montagnes line (REM in the future), Mont Saint Hilaire line, and Mascouche line, as well as other people who pass through that hub to eat at les halles de la gare or just walking through can go to this Bureau en Gros instead to restock on their office supplies. Not to mention, its much more convenient to go to this one when its -30 outside in the winter as its accessible through the RESO.
  5. Yes you are right, they started to dig horizontally
  6. Also something else that's sad that I don't think anyone put here is that the "New Ride" we got in 2019 Chaos, yeahhhh it already exists in Lake George Great escape and was their new ride for 2016. So not only was the ride lame but it was already in existence for 3 years, 3 hours away from us. Not good planning by Six Flags if you ask me. Link:
  7. The person who runs the 514lifeblog thinks that the Green Lantern: First Flight coaster will replace Super Manege (Picture below). The ride has been in storage at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California since 2017 and we all know that Six Flags has a history of recycling rides (Ednor is from Six Flags AstroWorld). The ride would be La Ronde's first 4D coaster. Link to article:
  8. I think one of the main problems LaRonde has is that Six Flags just doesn't simply see value in the park. Let's not forget that when Six Flags acquired LaRonde from the city of Montreal in the terms of the deal it said that Six Flags must invest at least invest 90 million into the park (It achieved this in 2011) and also in the deal Six Flags is leasing the land from the city until the year 2065. So in my opinion Six Flags does not want to invest more into a park that wont be theirs in the future. Article below; La Ronde prepares for season, but operator struggling Montreal Gazette 28 Feb 2009 LINDA GYULAI The message was upbeat from La Ronde yesterday as the amusement park launched a drive to fill 1,200 positions for the coming season. Meanwhile, Montreal city hall says it’s not troubled by the financial situation of La Ronde’s owner, Six Flags, Inc. The company, based in the United States, is on the corporate financial critical list. In September, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the company’s corporate family rating and its probability of default on debts to Caa2, its lowest rating, from Caa1. Moody’s also downgraded Six Flags to its lowest rating on short-term liquidity. “I’m not going to lose sleep tonight,” city executive com- mittee member Marcel Tremblay said of the theme park on Île Ste. Hélène. City officials got assurances from La Ronde management yesterday, he added. “We’re confident Six Flags will be in operation this summer.” Tremblay, who’s responsible for Jean Drapeau Park, which manages Île Ste. Hélène and Île Notre Dame, said many fir ms are on a roller-coaster ride because of global markets. Six Flags acquired La Ronde from the city in 2001. The deal included a $30-million payment for park equipment and a 64-year lease. Six Flags has since invested more than $80 million in the park, La Ronde spokesperson Martin Roy said. Six Flags’ deal with the city calls for another $10 million to be invest- ed by 2011, he added. “We’re looking to build a record perfor mance,” Roy said of the coming season, which opens on May 16. “We’re booking lots of group outings and selling season passes.” The park will unveil a new attraction called The Mummy, based on the movie with the same title, he said. The park is recruiting 500 seasonal employees, including ride operators and store and ticket-sale clerks, he said. Salaries start at $9.98 an hour, he said. Franchises that operate at La Ronde are looking to fill another 700 jobs, he said. Six Flags, which operates 20 parks across North America, did not return calls. [email protected]
  9. If you look closely, I never said I took the picture. He/She said nice photo, I said thank you. A nice photo is a nice photo, whether I take it or comes from a webcam. By your logic if I take renders from a project website and post them here and someone writes nice photo am I not allowed to say thank you because I didn't take those photos? @monctezuma is the creator of this thread so I think he/she knows already that a webcam exists for the project and still complimented what I posted. At the end of the day it's still a contribution to the forum. So I think I'm okay to say thank you to anything I post no?
  10. right here across from the other project 1500 de maisonneuve
  11. August 14th, wouldn't the area between the station and Autoroute 10 be the perfect location for an Expos stadium? fingers crossed
  12. August 14th, the glass side railings along the bridge between the station and movie theater seem to be installed
  13. August 14th, I think the white horizontal piece in the middle of the picture is a piece of a crane, perhaps one will be installed soon