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Condo development proposed for site of former Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet

Cheryl Cornacchia

The Gazette

Monday, September 19, 2011


A public consultation will be held Monday night in Dorval on a zoning change that would pave the way for the construction of a three-storey, 30-unit condominium development across the street from the Pine Beach AMT commuter train station.


The zoning change would couple two vacant lots into one property measuring close to 16,000 square metres. One of the properties is the empty lot on the corner of Cardinal Ave. and Pine Beach Blvd. where a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet stood until it was demolished about five years ag. The other lot is 505 Clement Ave., a private home until it was torn down two years ago.


The middle-density housing development is just one of many going up in the West Island along the transportation corridor.


"It’s one of the trends," said Mario St. Jean, Dorval’s director of urban planning. Building along the train line "makes sense. You wake up, take your breakfast and, after a quick walk, you are at the train station."


St. Jean said a private developer has already submitted plans to Dorval for the project.


A similar although larger middle density project is Dorval Espace MV, St. Jean said. Located on Bouchard Blvd., it includes condos, townhouses on property formerly owned by Novartis Canada, the pharmaceutical company. That project is well on its way to completion.


The public consultation is scheduled for 7:50 p.m. in the municipal council chamber at Dorval city hall, 60 Martin Ave.



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Seulement 3 étages, juste à côté d'une gare de train de banlieue? Même si le quartier n'est pas reconnu pour sa hauteur, ça semble peu. C'est une occasion ratée. Même à Laval, on densifie les alentours des stations de métro. Les maires des villes du West-Island demandent une augmentation de la fréquence des trains de banlieue, ça aiderait s'ils augmentaient la densité autour des gares. Ça permettrait d'augmenter l'achalandage des trains et de justifier l'augmentation de la fréquence.


J'espère qu'ils décontamineront bien le terrain, c'était l'emplacement d'un PFK...

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