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A facelift for St. Jacques?


Tue, 2008-09-02 16:04.

Shuyee Lee


St. Jacques Street in NDG is known mainly for car dealerships, auto repair shops, seedy motels, vacant lots and empty storefronts.


But the borough wants to give it a facelift and attract more residents and stores.


It's proposing a bylaw that would bar new body shops, gas stations and other industrial business from opening up and rezone the area as mostly residential with room for restaurants, boutiques, grocery stores and similar "user-friendly" businesses. They're focussing on the stretch between Madison and Decarie. The existing industrial businesses would be allowed to stay.


A public consultation is being held tonight at 6pm at 5151 Côte-Sainte-Catherine.

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Yeah this could be potentially interesting. It's worse than Taschereau for ugliness.


I think that they ought to line the street with High Rise Condos/Apartments (which would boost the density of the area and lead to a potential Metro expansion).


You mean that something can be uglier than Taschereau???


Now, seriously,


I like your idea of high rise condos/appartments! :thumbsup:

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