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In Edmonton, a confessed Satanist is running for an alderman seat :silly:


Scott Robb could have a devil of a time winning a seat in October's civic election.


The 31-year-old security officer is the founder of the Darkside Collective, which he believes is the first Canadian-based satanic church.


"I have been a practising Satanist since 1996. I briefly joined the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1997 and quit there in February 2000 and started my own church."


Robb, one of five Ward 4 council candidates, compared his group's beliefs to psychological improvement or Buddhism rather than the occult activities of popular culture.


For example, their black magic involves letting out emotions such as anger through ritual so they won't be open to emotional outbursts, he explained.


Satan represents the forces of nature, and the self is the highest embodiment of human life, according to the group's website.


Members stand for law and order, rejecting any connection to "pseudo-Satanists" or devil worshippers, who are known to engage in illegal activities, the website says.


They also oppose most beliefs of Christian dogma, such as forgiving easily, said Robb, who holds the title of high priest.


"If someone wrongs us, we use our curse words to expel the anger or whatever upsets us ... and then we completely ignore that individual."


The church doesn't have a building or hold weekly rituals. Most contact between the roughly 100 members in North America, Europe and Australia occurs on the Internet, Robb said.


Not that he'll focus on his religious beliefs during his campaign, for which he is refusing donations and has so far spent about $400 of his own money.


His election website only indicates his interests include "ethics, law, philosophy, psychology, as well as many other sciences and pseudo-sciences."


Robb, who is married with a baby son, said he believes in the separation of church and state.


His political platform focuses on keeping the City Centre Airport open and putting any new downtown LRT lines underground.


While the few mentions of his Satanism he has seen in Twitter have been positive, Robb said he realizes the issue may spark discussion.


"I kind of equate it to the first (openly) gay politician and wondering if their sexuality was a key point in their campaign."



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Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/Satanist+wades+into+Edmonton+election/3567815/story.html#ixzz10OsuOvgA

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I thought the book posted by Malek seemed interesting, though the cover art leaves much to be desired. Particularly, they should have replaced the hammer with a pitchfork in the sickle :D


I think I found the text of the book here online for free :D



Anyway, I got a real kick out of this quote in the book:


Lenin was moved to write as follows about the Soviet state:


The state does not function as we desired. How does it function? The car does not obey. A man is at the wheel and seems to lead it, but the car does not drive in the desired direction. It moves as another force wishes.


Haha, Commie! You just got bitch-slapped by the Invisible Hand! Hahaha!

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