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pointe-claire Quartier OneWest (maisons de ville) - ? étages


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Quartier OneWest



Spotted this sign the other day. Looks like they will develop this land near the corner of St Jean and Hymus in Pointe-Claire. It's right next to the Quartier Greenwich development. I'll get a better picture next time I pass by. 




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Yes, Quartier Greenwich is 3 condo buildings (not sure if there is a 4th phase planned) and a whole bunch of townhouses. I think there may be a few single family homes built as well in addition to a new park (Tony Proudfoot). All this construction will really add density to the neighborhood. I created a topic for this here: 


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A crane is now up for the condo section. J'ai pris quelques photos quand je suis passé la semaine dernière.

You can see the Quartier Greenwich condos as well as the Liveo in the background on pics #3 and 4.



onewest 3.jpg


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