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  1. Thanks! Phase 4 is on the east side though not where the Bureau En Gros was. They'll probably put something there soon though based on the REM and the plans for that Point-claire DT area around fairview.
  2. I'd much rather some diversity than all these new towers looking the same. Though It's not the nicest tower I would have to agree.
  3. Yeah, behind that there are all the Greenwhich townhouses.
  4. This is very under construction, the structure is there for most of it. The garage by that corner is still there which is weird though. Also Villanova is also very well under construction . There are 6 or so rows of townhouses up, half of which the bricks are already done. Lastly the boardwalk(part of Villanova) for this vast lower Lachine revival project is well underway.
  5. "Lets put a tent so it's easy to take down after the VIP event sells out"? Now wouldn't that be something to behold!
  6. When you drive by from the front(or even the sides you can see boarded windows) it looks like they are gutting the whole building. So maybe they've simply been focused more on that in the past few weeks? Not sure but that is my guess.
  7. I agree it looks off however it was on two ads (their facebook ad and their instagram ad) that link directly to their website(along with the rendering at the top of this page). It may just be a result of it being like many other renderings we criticize on this site being an "artists rendition", who probably just picked and placed things to make it look as good as they wanted without being true to the actual specs.
  8. Stumbled upon a rendering I hadn't seen yet. Has anyone else see this one before?
  9. Last time I drove by, which was roughly a week ago, they had a bunch of excavation equipment on site and had cleared a bunch of the trees.
  10. Vivendi subsidiary to open artificial intelligence lab in Montreal Paris-based communications company Havas Group's "innovation centre" will hire 60 people by 2020. MONTREAL GAZETTE Published on: May 24, 2018 | Last Updated: May 24, 2018 1:25 PM PDT Havas Group currently employs 80 people in Montreal. SHAREADJUSTCOMMENTPRINT Paris-based communications company Havas Group is opening an artificial intelligence “innovation centre” in Montreal. The company, a subsidiary of media conglomerate Vivendi, plans to hire 60 people to work at the office between now and 2020. The centre will develop artificial intelligence products for Havas’s clients. The centre is a joint project between Havas and French advertising company BETC. In a news release, the companies said they were attracted to Montreal because of its strong AI talent base and the ability to serve both North American and French-speaking markets. Havas Group currently employs 80 people in Montreal. It is one of the largest communications companies in the world with around 20,000 employees worldwide. More diversity needed in B.C.'s tech sector, says female executive The Province (Vancouver)
  11. Federal and Quebec governments fund aluminum smelting breakthrough The Canadian Press, at 17:05 on May 10, 2018 SAGUENAY, Que. - Aluminum giants Alcoa Inc. and Rio Tinto Group are teaming up with Apple Inc. and the federal and Quebec governments to commercialize the world's first carbon-free aluminum smelting process. Described by the companies as the most significant innovation in the aluminum industry in 100 years, the new process eliminates greenhouse gas emissions from traditional smelting by instead producing oxygen. Ottawa, Quebec and Apple Inc. are investing in a joint venture between Alcoa and Rio Tinto called Elysis, which will commercialize the new, more environmentally friendly way of producing aluminium. Elysis will have its headquarters in Montreal and a research facility in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the new technology is exactly what the federal government is looking to invest in. "We no longer have a choice," Trudeau told a news conference in Saguenay, about 200 kilometres north of Quebec City. "We need to create durable, economic development, while protecting the environment and today's announcement is a magnificent example of this." The joint venture expects large-scale deployment of the technology by 2024 and will be given a total of $188 million from Alcoa, Rio Tinto, Ottawa, the Quebec government and Apple to develop and license the technology so it can be used to retrofit smelters or build new facilities. Rio Tinto said in a statement the technology "has the potential to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 6.5 million metric tonnes in Canada, the equivalent of taking 1.8 million light vehicles off the road." The aluminum companies added that Elysis "has the potential" to create more than 1,000 jobs by 2030, "while securing 10,500 existing aluminium jobs in Canada." Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, also on hand for the announcement, said it will take a few years to get a better idea of greenhouse gas emission reductions with the new innovation. "Perhaps, between 2024 and 2030, we'll be seeing the real impact of the new technology," he said. "Aluminum products are not the main source of emissions right now. The main source is transportation. "There is a connection. The better the quality of aluminum, the better the quality of the car, and fewer emissions will be produced." Ottawa and Quebec are contributing $60 million each, with the Quebec government getting a 3.5 per cent stake in the venture and Alcoa and Rio Tinto splitting the remaining ownership equally. Alcoa and Rio Tinto will invest $55 million in the project. Apple, which put forth $13 million, helped facilitate the collaboration between Alcoa and Rio Tinto and has vowed to provide technical support as the project progresses.
  12. They're already at floor 8.
  13. Social housing right? More windows = more losses of heat and or cooling and thus costs money. So social housing = Less windows (at least less big windows)
  14. Yes exactly, and instead of being the "classic" Montreal business they are agreeing there is money to be made here and doing something about it. It's just the kind of companies we need more of.
  15. Got 90%, thought it wasn't going to end!! 30 or so q's down, only 25 to go haha