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    j'etudie a ts, je joue d'hockey et j'aime bien voir tous les nouvelles de notre ville extraordaire.
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  1. Update, Excavation is well under way, drove by yesterday and they're already at least one level down on about half of the site.
  2. Absurd , yes, but it has nothing to do with ingenuity.
  3. Yeah, they started fencing up the last section just before they went on Construction holiday, though they haven't moved the sales office yet, the last phase (4) is built over that part of the lot.
  4. This building doesn't exist in your picture) is actually almost done, it's topped and the'ye almost done the outer brick work.
  5. Those fk bags really piss me off. There's a real difference between street art, murals with artistic intent(a proud thing Montrealers do, there's even a festival) and tagging stuff. There should be an completely insane fine for tagging S**t, like $5000 and 1000 hrs of community service, to clean your communities walls you've so thoughtlessly defaced. Also those people who broke in to Steve's music store should face proper jail time, for making a joke out of a real issue just to profit.
  6. Apparently (this according to a sales rep) construction plans are on schedule and they're supposed to start this week or next. We'll see soon if he's right. But looking at you're photo Ross he may just be correct.
  7. T-Rex (Campagna motors) are actually a Montreal company. They are also built locally but not always as you think, you can buy kits from them to build yourself or at another garage.
  8. A world class city is one people want to live in I'm sure you agree? So people not moving there then does have weight. The population hasn't increased in Chicago in 30 years. In fact the actual city of Chicago has less people now than in 1990. I'm not going into the population of Chicagoland (the greater Chicago area) because A) the area increased to absorb others (as with Montreal and Toronto) B) The defining factors for world class cities isn't the suburbs. Sorry for going off topic I just wanted to finish my point in context.
  9. I have a few people at my office who do this. They pay the Quebec income taxes up front but during the tax season it gets adjusted to as if they worked in Ontario so they get a bunch back as income tax goes to the province of residence.
  10. Haha yeah I was going to point that out. There are websites that keep live track of gunshots, death other homicides, assault, thefts and break ins in Chicago. I don't give a flying F is the city is beautiful, the city is proof of what is wrong with that country. Internationally or as a visitor the cities are world class, for human beings who deserve rights and work their asses off they are a complete failure. Of course if you're well off or have a good job it's a little different.
  11. Project under construction on Victoria in Lachine. Right across the street from the Mcdonalds and water filtration plant. Right by the Selection residence that was just built a few years ago. If you're familiar with the area there used to be a carwash and used dealership. http://2929victoria.ca LIVRAISON AUTOMNE 2020 De superbe appartements, des espaces communs qui agrémentent la vie, des couchers de soleil d'été sur le toit. Tout cela à proximité du canal Lachine. CONTACTEZ-NOUS APPARTEMENTS À LOUER STUDIO - 1 CHAMBRE - 2 CHAMBRES - 3 CHAMBRES ✓ 91
  12. I'm sorry but there is no way you have a concrete argument, I can almost guarantee you just about any other city in North America has these things happen. What you're saying is based on a feeling and knowing about cancellations through this forum or city documents etc. You don't see them in other cities or are hear about them as they are not in your purview but that by no way means it doesn't happen. Obviously I'll have to do a little research (Which I will do) but I'm sure I'll find some examples for you. Not trying to bash your argument just saying I think it's a little biased based on your
  13. No need to speculate on what they are up to, they're going straight to site prep for the first tower of 36 floors! https://www.gwlrealtyadvisors.com/fr/post_news/un-nouveau-point-dinteret-a-montreal-a-lhorizon/ UN NOUVEAU POINT D’INTÉRÊT À MONTRÉAL À L’HORIZON RETOUR Un nouveau point d’intérêt à Montréal à l’horizon 10 octobre 2019 Conseillers immobiliers GWL construit deux tours résidentielles au centre-ville (Montréal, le 10 octobre 2019) : Après avoir reçu l’approbation tant du Comité consultatif d’urbanisme (CCU) que de la Ville de Montréal, Cons
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