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  1. I'll see what I can do!
  2. @enrigue9 Adobe photoshop
  3. Merci! Excellente photo! Je passerai à celle là dès que j'aurai le temps
  4. Thanks! And you're absolutely right, I meant to say the YUL2.
  5. Here you go! (photo cred @eldiablophoto on Instagram) Completely agree with you. The skyline driving in from the bonaventure expy is a whole other beast. That said, a 250m wouldnt hurt.
  6. Hey everyone, I made a quick mockup of montreal's future skyline, circa 2021, including Vslp, BNC, Maestria, YUL3, 1000 DLM and Solstice. Thought this might be interesting to those of you as impatient as I am!
  7. The lady in the video is saying that their company also helps overseas buyers get settled down in the area (find schools, deal with finances, etc). Nothing about the building itself.
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