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This is the same building as Angela Pizza. Walked by today, noticed some heavy renovations going on at "ground" floor level. All graffitis cleaned up. Peeked inside and saw plenty of ladders and fresh new walls. I think this is a handsome rugged building that deserves a facelift. Gives me NYC vibes. It's been abandoned for as long as I can remember though I think there was a dental clinic in there at some point.


Googled a bit for 1668 Maisonneuve and found this listing as well as this Altus profile.


Three storey semi-commercial building. The basement, ground floor and second floor are zoned for commercial usage while the third floor offers space for two residential apartments. The basement retail floor also enjoys a separate front entrance. Situated on de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, one block west of Guy Street



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Here's a picture showing interior renovations. Wouldn't have been able to take that picture earlier as the door was covered in graffiti.




Bonus picture: good times on Pierce street, Shaughnessy-style.



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1F: commercial

2F: office space

3F: residential


hoping for a bit of a facelift otherwise very pleased this is moving forward.


also the art deco neighbor (old police station) got a new tenant, don't know who yet. just says LOUE.

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