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15 hours ago, denpanosekai said:

Kinda too bad. Haven't been in a while but it was nice to have a place open late in the area for the few all nighters I used to have to pull at work. Their menu was humonguous. Would be great to have another down-to-earth replacement instead of something too expensive and fancy that'll close within a year. 

Rents are too high in the area to support another place like that. Too bad. Yes, it was a bit of a throwback place but that's what was cool about it. There are plenty of modern and trendy options in the area already.

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Toujours dommage de voir un commerce fermer, mais ici je comprends que c'était un départ à la retraite et qu'il n'y avait pas de repreneur.

C'était le typique resto ils font de tout (spaghetti, souvlaki, pizza, club sandwich, etc.), tout est correct mais rien est délicieux. Du genre Miami Deli et autres. Ça fera de la place pour un nouveau commerce plus "moderne"!

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