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  1. The ramp got demolished because it was in very poor condition. In the original project it was supposed to be reused and was initially inspected to be in decent enough structural condition. Later it was discovered that the structure was very deteriorated and there was no money in the budget to completely rebuild it. There was a lawsuit against the company that made the original inspection that turned out to be incorrect. I was very much looking forward to this ramp getting rebuilt. I miss the old Brennan street going under the highway. It was a nice way to bypass all the traffic pileu
  2. From my observations the compliance level is pretty good. I cross the bridge frequently and I don't often see anything but buses in those lanes. Keep in mind that the merge lanes share the space with the bus lane for a good bit of distance when entering the bridge. There is a white sign that signifies the official start of the bus lane and up to that point any other vehicle can be in that lane. The best way to merge by the way. At that point the traffic stretches out and there are large gaps between cars to merge into. Some cars do enter into the actual bus lane for a hundred meters or so. A t
  3. Rents are too high in the area to support another place like that. Too bad. Yes, it was a bit of a throwback place but that's what was cool about it. There are plenty of modern and trendy options in the area already.
  4. But the people who actually park their cars at Chevrier and then try to exit on Leduc side will win buy not having to leave that horrible place at 5pm. I made that mistake once. It would have been faster for me to drive in the old Champlain Bridge traffic jam than wait forever in line to exit that place. The way the road network is being setup at Rive Sud station will be a huge improvement (I hope). These amazing new inventions like having multiple lanes exiting a parking lot. The planners setting up Chervier parking probably thought that cars will leave the lot over a constant trickle fo
  5. And that's just the buses. Once the Turcot ramps 15N-136E and 136O-15S get connected the majority of large truck traffic will move away in addition to some car traffic. Even if it's a little longer in distance it would be much safer for a tractor-trailer to go with no traffic lights and almost no lane changes. New Turcot ramps a being built in a modern fashion where the exits are always to the right. Left exits belong in the 1950s and on the Garden State Parkway (also from the 50s). I am curious to see what they will do with the bus lane. On street parking? .... LOL, not with the current
  6. This proposal looks pretty but would only make sense if the whole area starts a major redevelopment. It's too far from Nun's Island and Verdun and there is nothing in Technoparc. Further North it's cut off by the rail yards. If the rail facilities move and Technoparc gets built up in a major way it would then make sense to make a nice riverside boulevard with parks. Otherwise, not even the homeless would bother going that far to that place. Parc Jean-Drapeau serves very well as a park with riverside views because it's relatively easy to access but all kinds of transport and has it's own attrac
  7. My guess is that those are very preliminary "sketches" with which they will try to get an approximate cost. Even if it seems ridiculous it's worth examining and having some more precision supporting any future decision. It might support the idea that it's a useless idea or maybe it will support it the other way. I am not convinced it's a workable plan but it would help to get better data. There is nothing wrong with assumptions being challenged intelligently. That's how we learn and progress.
  8. The new access ramp to 10 Est will open very soon, too. This will make the overpass even more useful. The first real test of it will be this weekend. REM is closing boul. Leduc under the 10 forcing all traffic to the new overpass. Dix30 shoppers will be more confused than usual on the road.
  9. I don't know if it's the tight deadlines or lack of follow up. There are constantly factual mistakes in news reports. There was no way for this accident to happen by driving west on Notre Dame. It's one-way going east and right now at 11:00 am it is full of dump trucks arriving and leaving the Banque Nationale construction site. Just by looking at the map and knowing just a little bit about what is going on in the city they are reporting on would make that mistake very obvious.
  10. It would be nice if they would actually finish that job. There was no activity at that site for months now and there is still a deviation of the exit to Taschereau Boulevard. That deviation creates a few unsafe situations because of people "lost" in the right lane trying to jump back onto 10 East. The original setup is more obvious and creates more space and time to figure out the correct lane.
  11. Here is what the agreement between the Feds and SSL says about the bike paths on the South Shore: You can find the whole text here: https://buyandsell.gc.ca/procurement-data/tender-notice/PW-NB-001-68955 Specifically the file nbsl-champlain_bridge.zip and in there it's Schedule 7 Part 11 SSL is only responsible to connect the path to the existing path along the Seaway and also provide space for connections to Brossard. Those connections will have to be done by other entities. I hope Velo Quebec would pressure both the province, feds and Brossard to get that done.
  12. So JDM makes it sound like the REM will face the same issues as the O-Train rolling stock. The only connection between the two is that both are built by Alstom. That's like saying that if you had issues with your Mercedes Sprinter van then expect the same from your Freightliner long-haul truck. After all they are both built by Daimler AG. The Citadis Spirit was specifically created for the O-Train and it's its first ever deployment. That's a beta version of that train and Ottawa commuters are testing it. Yes, maybe the testing should have been more thorough but some bugs will inevitably s
  13. They actually do have a connection to the neighborhoods drawn on the presentation. Of course that's just a faint drawing. You have to really stare at the picture to see it. It's easy to draw stuff on the computer. We'll see if they will do anything about it. My guess is that it's not in the contract to make those connections. If someone cares the contract is available to download from the federal government's website. I don't have the time to look through it, though. I imagine they drew the extra paths so faintly in the hope that nobody would remember to ask about it.
  14. Exactly! I don't know the specifics of the studies that predict a 10% drop in ridership when a transfer is added. There are so many complications involved. Sure, if you just add a forced transfer and don't add any other value a ridership drop is inevitable. But if you use that transfer to hook up to a whole new system of transport that makes all kinds on new destinations possible what would that do to the ridership numbers? The REM system is not some commuter train for shuttling office plankton between sleeping and working locations at rush hour. It's an almost always on mode of transport
  15. The Caisse responded to the first article that didn't have much substance other that trying to make a scandal out of something that was understood from the beginning. According to the Gazette it somehow would be bad for the Caisse and their investment partners to benefit from the REM project. This was the original mandate of the project and that's why the previous government appointed the Caisse to figure out how to make a transit project happen and at reasonable cost and benefit. The new article finally tries to back up the reasoning behind the "unnecessary" proposition. The alternatives
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