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Pour promouvoir son offre de vols à destination du Québec pour cet hiver, la compagnie aérienne Air Transat s’invite dans 239 salles de cinéma à Paris du 2 novembre au 13 décembre 2011, en diffusant un spot publicitaire de 20 secondes vantant cette région, réalisé en collaboration avec la Commission canadienne du tourisme et le Ministère du tourisme du Québec.





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I don't know uqam, North Americans visit here for our 'Europeaness' lol!, because MTL is different from other cities in Canada, US. French will come here for the winter stuff that they can't experience at home unless they spend a million dollars in the Alps.


I recently had a year off but I came back to MTL for Igloofest and Lumières/Nuit Blanche. Since I had given up my apartment, I stayed at Auberge Alternatif in Vieux Montréal for 6 weeks. It was full of French who came here specifically to experience a Québécois winter (and who were still happy that we were closer to home than other places in North America). They loved it and had a complete blast playing in the snow, going skiing/snowmobiling etc.


I think that this is a great idea as it promotes winter tourism, a time that business is much slower than in summer. Winter here is an attraction for people who never get to experience it at home. To them, it's an adventure!

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c'est vrai, pour une personne qui habite dans une ville ou il ne neige pas l'idee d'avoir une vacance au quebec dans l'hiver c'est tres attractive, je parle pour moi, j'aime beaucoup la neige et je deteste la chaleur, je viens du mexique et je suis pret d'habiter dans un climat plus froid.

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