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After a disastrous year followed by a subpar one, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec rebounded in 2010.


The Quebec pension fund manager Thursday reported a return from investments of 13.6 per cent for 2010, a year when most large Canadian pension funds made 10 per cent.


It ended the year with $151.7 billion in assets, still inferior to the total at the end of 2007, which was $154.5 billion. The Caisse lost $40 billion during the economic crisis of 2008.


“In a year marked by turbulence, Europe’s sovereign debt crisis and fears of a slowdown in the U.S., the Caisse generated strong returns on many fronts,” said Michael Sabia, president and chief executive officer.


(Courtesy of The Montreal Gazette)


Hopefully they don't lose $40 billion again, but at least they almost regained everything they lost.

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I remember everyone was pissed when they appointed "an anglo" to run that thing, but who is laughing now? :D


People we're not pissed because he was an anglo, people we're pissed because he was an outsider, a non quebecois, that's an important nuance !!!

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