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Under studied transit expansions for Greater Montreal and ARTM new signage / Expansions étudiées pour le Grand Montréal et nouvelle signalisation de l'ARTM


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14 hours ago, Dominic723 said:

Belle carte, sauf que certains noms devraient être changés pour éviter la confusion comme Carrefour et juste après Carrefour Laval, ou bien les 4 Pie-IX.

Yes, I noticed that, I didn't spent too much time thinking about the name. I'll let that job to the STM PR team. 

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1 hour ago, Julpyz said:

Yes, I noticed that, I didn't spent too much time thinking about the name. I'll let that job to the STM PR team. 

The names that I've adopted are

  • Cité Olympique (Renamed Pie-IX on green line)
  • Pie-IX (Blue Line interchange)
  • Wolfred-Nelson (South end, next to the park of the same name)

The choice for Laval isn't as easy. I assume that Julpyz chose Saint-Martin as the axis for that line? The junction at Carrefour de Laval kind of gives a clue, but I'm not sure. I really don't know exactly where you positioned your station, and to be honest, when I drew my own map, I also struggled a bit with the names in that area. I haven't found a name for the parc nearby. It seems to be another one of those parcs just named Parc which is rather unhelpful. There's the George-Vanier school near, but that name has also been used. There's avenue Papineau nearby, yet another name which has already been used, but there's also Rose-de-Lima and Vanier. If your station is closer to the railway, after making a 90 turn, Lesage might be appropriate.

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Super map, I've always wanted something like this. One of the things that annoys me most with the REM maps is that they don't operate on 45 degree angles like the Metro. What software did you use to make this?

Also, one request if it's not too hard, could you post a version that is only metro + light metro (i.e. Metro + REM), thanks!



Superbe carte, on a besoin d'une meilleure signalisation unifiée avec l'addition du REM. La cartes actuelle du REM ne suit pas les angles a 45°  et gâche l'apparence classique des cartes de métro. Quel logiciel as-tu utilisé pour cette carte?

Aussi, peux-tu nous rendre une version avec uniquement le métro et le REM, merci!

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