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New Gare Centrale and Place Bonaventure


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My idea would be to improve the area around Gare centrale (shown in red). My vision would be to gare centrale on Saint-Antoine and the corner Mansfield and Robert-Bourassa (shown in blue). I think the building should be in the same styles as Toronto's union station and NYC Grand Central (neoclassical and beaux-arts style of architecture). Additionally I am not a fan of Place Bonaventure, I think its really dated and out of place. My vision would be to have two twin towers on the lot (similar to Time Warner center in NYC), connected by a two or three floor atrium that would have restaurants and stores. In doing that it would eliminate that horrible underpass on Saint-Antoine. I know my idea is not perfect but given all the developments near the Bell Centre and on Robert Bourassa near Tour de la Bourse, I think it would really complete our skyline and would be able to add more high-rises where the current Gare Centrale is. Would love to know everyone's vision for the area. :D


Gare centrale.PNG




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The current building is a labyrinth. I'm not a fan of it either. It's never been a part of my daily commute, so I've only navigated it a few times and I've gotten lost just about every single time. With that said, take a better look at that picture you posted... On the other side of Saint-Jaques, there's more land available right there. Also, that picture you just posted isn't the most up to date. Between St-Antoine Mansfield and Saint-Jacques, there is what appears to be a bus station. The weird thing is that there are a few cars parked there and that there are also what appear to be parking lines. Could be temporary and meant to alleviate the pressure on the current station until the REM has been completed. Whatever the case might be, if I had to build a new station, I would make use of all 4 of those pieces of land and build above the street.

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