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  1. I dont know if anyone agrees but I find that would be a perfect location for a HD screen for ads, the kinds you see on times square. Would be seen by a lot of people since it is at the corner of 2 very important streets and plus its not a huge resedential area (more commercial IMO) therefore the light from the screen would not be disturbing anyone. Just think its an interesting idea.
  2. counldnt have said it better myself!
  3. Gio22

    Solstice - 44 étages

    Well the sales office has been open for a while. A possibility is that they had a pre sale for extremley wealthy clients who most likely buy some of the top units. When doing this a developer sets a goal of 25% of the building sold in the pre sale for example. Now that they either reached their target or decieded it is time to open up the sales office to the general public. What helps in this case is that the sales office is not on the site of the tower, therefore excavation can begin while the sales office is still open as opposed to when the sales office is on site. I agree that seems a little unrealistic, before excavation can even begin, the esso must be demolished (which is not a long thing to do) and the land must be decontaminated, which is expensive and quite long. I can see them maybe be structurally topped out by 2021, maybe even architecturally topped out, but completley done by 2021 seems like a stretch.
  4. Isnt this it? ps sorry I don't know how to insert another topic so I just copied and past the link
  5. Les poisson du saint laurent Jokes idk sorry man
  6. You got to remeber it is land that is privately owned. The city will be adding more green space (especially with the current administration) just look at park ville-marie in back of TDC2 and TDC3 I think what will be nice is that the buildings get taller slowly (if your coming from the west) so youll have this tower, dorchester, YUL, quinzecent and holiday-inn at 120m. Then it gets taller so TDC2,3 avenue, rocabella, icone, tour cibc, ect. Looking at it from that point of view i think itll look very nice. (Hope this makes sense?)
  7. Lol yes I know. I mentioned that avenue des Canadiens de mtl was closed also because I forgot to take a picture.??
  8. Thanks for the update @greenlobster. I did some reaserch I found that Dream Van Horne is a development company partially owned by CP. Excited to see what they do on the site
  9. if your investing 700 million into a project, I'm sure its gonna be prepared correctly