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  1. Yes the building can be nicer. But there was a time we greatly wanted all these developments so im not complaining. Also RL has greatly improved between Guy and Peel (Icone, Rocabella, YUL, quinzecent, apartement dorchester ect) but really needs some love between Peel Saint-Laurenrant and Peel. The only 2 new developments in that section have been the AC hotel ans the mariot, so it also helps out with that too. Overall I wish it was nicer, but its a 45 strorey building in a important location so ill take it
  2. I completely agree with vincethewipet. As bronfman mentioned his intentions is to build a stadium of 32 000-34 000. Granted there will be interior parking in the stadium for players and personnel within the team, he did say he wants a small parking lot. So if the parking lot is 1% of the total stadium capacity (taking an avergae of 33000) that is still 330 parking spots for fans only!! Will it fill up fast? Yes Im sure it would but lets remember, the MLB is not like the NFL, NHL or NBA. There are 81 HOME games in the MLB schedule. Games will be paid during the afternoon on weekdays, therefore there will not always be a sellout crowd at the stadium, sometimes there might only be 10,000 people at the stadium. Hence we should not worry about if the parking lot is small. Also just like the bell center, there will be merchants who will turn their land into a parking lot, and not to mention that there is public parking at nearly every high-rise building in Griffintown. Yes you are on the lowest level and its expensive but none the less there still is parking. I do hope this project will see the light of day. Bronfman seems to working very hard into doing everything the way the city wants and is trying to incorporate as much as possible from opposing groups into the project. As he stated there will be a stadium, a public park, shops, condos, office buildings, and SOCIAL HOUSING!!! Bronfman wants to add a sport-etude for baseball, I would not be surprised with all the development he is planning that a school will be added, and I'm sure hell also include plans for a community center. To have social housing on the entire redevelopment is simply stupid!!! This is a billion dollar investment, Bronfman has done his homework. He has meet with mayor Plante, met with various groups to make sure the project will include what they believe is important for the area. I really hope it will see the light of day and extremely excited about the potential return of the expos.
  3. Toit rétractable favorisé
  4. hopefully by some miracle we can also include hotel 1175 in that list
  5. Those pictures date from the 23rd of may at 10 in the morning. Since then they have not taken more photos of the jobsite.
  6. Sorry all Im a little lost, know they are demolishing th autoroute near the canal and are continuing the urban boulevard???
  7. what is also interesting during his interview with le 5 a 7 on RDS is that he would like a multi-purpose stadium and when asked specifically for the alouettes he said yes.
  8. Interesting to note is that alot of people are asking if their will still be interest in baseball (if the expos come back) once the honeymoon phase is over. Many experests such as Mitch Melnik said that in the 80's after the great habs dynasty was over the expos were just as popular and at times more popular than the habs. For two years they outdrew BOTH the yankees and the mets. Now I personally would like to see an open air stadium, I just feel it is more authentic to the game of baseball. But if its a stadium with a roof ill still be happy, as long as the expos come back.
  9. Im not talking about the location of the stadium. I agree its in a terrible location. Im talking about the fact that saputo stadium is an open air stadium, and in my opinion the new expos stadium should be also
  10. So the MLB season runs roughly as the same time as the MLS season. The MLB season began on March 20th, and game 7 of the world series (if needed) is scheduled for october 30th. The MLS season began the March 2nd and the final for the MLS cup playoffs is scheduled for November 10th. So stade Saputo does not have a roof, its GREAT stadium to watch soccer, and if the MLB and MLS seasons run roughly the same time, why cant the expos stadium be an open air stadium. I have been to stade saputo many times, for playoff games in october and no one is ever complaining about the cold. I was also this year for the home opener once again no one was complaining. So why cant we have a open air stadium, IMO it is more authentic to the game of baseball than a stadium with a roof.
  11. Minesota, just as bad as us in the winter. Open air ballpark.
  12. The adress has changed to 1 Square Phillips.
  13. wework also have offices in l'avenue? does anyone know theyre leaving that local?
  14. Anyone know what this building is? Doesnt seem to be part of the garages