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  1. Sorry all Im a little lost, know they are demolishing th autoroute near the canal and are continuing the urban boulevard???
  2. what is also interesting during his interview with le 5 a 7 on RDS is that he would like a multi-purpose stadium and when asked specifically for the alouettes he said yes.
  3. Interesting to note is that alot of people are asking if their will still be interest in baseball (if the expos come back) once the honeymoon phase is over. Many experests such as Mitch Melnik said that in the 80's after the great habs dynasty was over the expos were just as popular and at times more popular than the habs. For two years they outdrew BOTH the yankees and the mets. Now I personally would like to see an open air stadium, I just feel it is more authentic to the game of baseball. But if its a stadium with a roof ill still be happy, as long as the expos come back.
  4. Im not talking about the location of the stadium. I agree its in a terrible location. Im talking about the fact that saputo stadium is an open air stadium, and in my opinion the new expos stadium should be also
  5. So the MLB season runs roughly as the same time as the MLS season. The MLB season began on March 20th, and game 7 of the world series (if needed) is scheduled for october 30th. The MLS season began the March 2nd and the final for the MLS cup playoffs is scheduled for November 10th. So stade Saputo does not have a roof, its GREAT stadium to watch soccer, and if the MLB and MLS seasons run roughly the same time, why cant the expos stadium be an open air stadium. I have been to stade saputo many times, for playoff games in october and no one is ever complaining about the cold. I was also this year for the home opener once again no one was complaining. So why cant we have a open air stadium, IMO it is more authentic to the game of baseball than a stadium with a roof.
  6. Minesota, just as bad as us in the winter. Open air ballpark.
  7. The adress has changed to 1 Square Phillips.
  8. wework also have offices in l'avenue? does anyone know theyre leaving that local?
  9. Anyone know what this building is? Doesnt seem to be part of the garages
  10. I past by the site last week, the fence was knocked over from the high winds. When i past by today the fence was not only placed back up but was extended to cover the entire lot. I dont know if it means anything but take it as you wish
  11. I dont know if anyone agrees but I find that would be a perfect location for a HD screen for ads, the kinds you see on times square. Would be seen by a lot of people since it is at the corner of 2 very important streets and plus its not a huge resedential area (more commercial IMO) therefore the light from the screen would not be disturbing anyone. Just think its an interesting idea.